New wearing experience for Rolex | MiLTAT RX Collection

MiLTAT RX Collection is tailor-made for 20mm lug width Rolex sport watches models. This watch strap was tapered to 16mm buckle size and was designed to fit on the last link of the Rolex Clasp on one side & adjustable screw fixed Rolex links on the other side. Therefore, there is no limitation on the overall length of the final watch strap as you can add numbers of Rolex links on it to extend the size.

This is a breaking through new era to characterize your taste & give your Rolex a unique charm.

So, let’s have a look at the information about RX Collection.

Enough information, here are two videos to demonstrate how to remove your Rolex Stainless Steel Bracelet and install our MiLTAT RX Collection watch strap.

Removal of Rolex Stainless Steel Bracelet :

MiLTAT RX Collection Watch Strap Installation:

Check them out or click here to purchase

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