Get one 23mm watch band for your Luminox 1853 Land Atacama Chronograph

23mm replacement bands no longer hard to find !! Your Luminox 1853 Land Atacama, 3050 and 3950 series watches need a different watch band.

Luminox185323mm Super Engineer II Solid Stainless Steel Straight End Watch Band, Diver Wetsuit Ratchet Buckle, PVD Black [SS222217BBK024-XX]

Super Engineer watch bracelet is an extraordinary well made 316L stainless steel watch band. Each links is composed of 5 round edge solid 316L stainless steel units with screws precise installation instead of pressure pins. Length adjustment is simple & easy via flexible screw details. Super Engineer is a heavy & durable replacement watch band which can rarely found in the aftermarket watch band market and is perfect for your diving or military big watches.

Luminox185323mm MiLTAT Pull Up Leather Saddle Brown Watch Strap, Beige Wax Hand Stitching, PVD Chamfer Diver Clasp

Luminox185323mm MiLTAT Pull Up Leather Black Watch Strap, Beige Wax Hand Stitching, PVD Chamfer Diver Clasp

Waxed thread hand stitching on raw Italian leather for extended durability. This pull up aniline Italian leather has natural dye color characteristic, bend on it light color will through.

Luminox185323mm MiLTAT Honeycomb Black Nylon Velcro Fastener Watch Strap Sandblasted Buckle

This Honeycomb Nylon materials Velcro watch strap is perfectly match with this Luminox 1853 Land Atacama Chronograph

Luminox185323mm MiLTAT Kevlar Black Watch Strap, Black Stitches [23C20BIW01K1A36-FH]

This water proof fiber finish was inspired from bullet proof material “Kevlar” with specific woven texture & non-shinny appearance. Extra Long size to fit large size of wrist.

Luminox1853Matte Black Suede in Beige Stitching Deployant Watch Strap, 3 punch holes design 23mm [RR2018B13BE024-XX] 

Luminox1853MiLTAT 23mm G10 Military Watch Strap Ballistic Nylon Armband, Brushed – Black [23A24BZZ00N1A40]

MiLTAT G10 military watch strap extra thickness high density ballistic nylon. Approximate 1.5mm thick, tight up with four 316L stainless steel ring. New palette of colors strip, look excellent on military or dive watches. Nylon are cut and simultaneously sealed using ultrasonic knives to prevent fraying.

Luminox185323mm Tire Tread Pattern Military Green Silicone Soft Watch Strap on 316L SS Polished Buckle [NS-SC232054P070]

This silicone watch strap is waterproof and comfortable to dress up with your watches. It’s suitable for your sport or outdoor style!

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