Celebrating With Thanksgiving Colors

Thanksgiving is the celebration of a wonderful, warm autumn colors and aromas. Have no doubt, brown is the theme color. Think of golden roast turkey and browned butter bread. Brown, in particular, chocolate, is also a popular decorative color.

Rolex GMT & Submariner

Revenge End Link – Replacement Watch Strap Tailor-made for Rolex, Matte Brown Pull Up Leather, Beige St. [20P16ZZ00C1D13-XX]

“Revenge End Link” – Precision cast stainless steel end link tailor-made for 20mm lug size, 16mm clasp specific Rolex Oyster collection watch models. The manufacturing of “Revenge End Link” (NEP2 – made in Singapore) is very close to the original Rolex end link. Hence the mechanical property is almost the same, except the material is made of 316L instead of 914L. In other words the softer 316L is not abrasive to the case.

20mm MiLTAT Perlon Watch Strap, Brown, Polished Ladder Lock Slider Buckle [20A20PBU59N7D14]

If you want to have a customized look on your watch, Perlon straps are the right choice!

20mm MiLTAT Senno G10 Leather Watch Strap Cordura Brown, Polished [20B20PBU56N5C14]

MiLTAT Senno G10 Leather Collection was made from imported Italian vegetable tanned leather. Approximate 1.5mm thick, tight up with three rings and solid buckle. Hardwares all in 316L stainless steel. This magnificent design is ideal for smart casual outfit.

 Tudor Submariner

MiLTAT 20mm Nubuck Leather Grezzo Zulu watch strap Brown Thick armband – Beige Hand Stitch [20P20EBU55S6D07]

Top-grain nubuck has been sanded to create a velvety texture like suede but more durable and is excellent for use on watch straps.

20mm MiLTAT Zizz Collection Khaki Washed Canvas Watch Strap, Brown Wax Hand Stitching [22F22BBU55C2Q07-XX]

Zizz collection, hand-sewn ‘Z’ stitches on heavy leather keeper is the signature of the collection. Different materials were combined to give out contrasting appearance. Vegetable tanned Italian leather was used as the keeper and lining.

20mm Shiny Maroon Genuine Louisiana Alligator Head Watch Strap [NS-CO2018IWWH048-FH] with Saddle Brown Pull Up Leather BUND Pad for 20mm – 24mm watch straps, Beige Wax Stitching [PAD-PA01FC1D01]

A much high quality BUND pad made from pull up aniline Italian leather which has natural dye color characteristic, bend on it light color will through. Good combo with the maroon Genuine Louisiana Alligator Head Watch Strap.

Demo watches:

• Vintage Rolex Submariner 5512
• Rolex GMT-Master II 116710 BLNR, Blue & Black Ceramic Bezel
• Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner 2 Tone Date 116613LN
• Tudor Prince Oyster Date Submariner ‘Snowflake’ 7016/0
• Tudor Submariner 76100 , Vintage Tudor
• Tudor Prince Oyster Date Submariner ‘Snowflake’ 94110

Visit us at www.strapcode.com to have a look!


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