Razor is Back

GOOD NEWS!!! Razor bracelet is back!!!

Inspired by retro razor bracelet, the feature razor blade link was hollowed out in a solid 316L stainless steel block. The shape and the slots cut into the form of mini blade allow it to bend smoothly following your wrist. This thickness improved retro Razor bracelet with clean lines and sturdy look that beyond the previous version.

SS221819B039S_Seiko-Turtle-SRP779Demo on Seiko New Turtle Prospex SRP779K1 Diver

SS221803B039S_Seiko-SKX007Demo on Seiko SKX007 Diver’s 200m Automatic Watch

SS221820B039S_Seiko-Atlas-SKZ209J1Demo on Seiko 5 Sports SKZ209J1 200m Atlas Diver

SS221805B039S_Seiko-SNZF17Demo on Seiko SNZF17 Sea Urchin Automatic Watch

SS221817B039S_Seiko-6309-7040Demo on Vintage Seiko Divers Turtle 6309-7040 Day/Date Watch


You can also choose these five kinds of buckle to accompany with this retro Razor bracelet.

Don’t miss out dudes!


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