Something special for Motorola Moto 360 2nd Generation Smartwatch

The Moto 360 second generation was announced on September 2, 2015, and is now available from Moto Maker in selected regions.

SS221819B019S_Moto-360-2nd22mm Super Oyster Solid Stainless Steel Straight End Watch Band, Brushed, Button Chamfer [SS221819B019S] 

Super Oyster watch bracelet is composed by 3 rows of solid links. Considering the comfort and sustainability, it bends smoothly following your wrist. Well-made solid 316L stainless steel links are assembled with screw instead of flimsy pins to keep its solidity and stability.

22P18BIW01C1C27-FH_Moto-360-2nd22mm MiLTAT Brown Pull Up Aniline Italian Leather Watch Strap, Rivet Military strap

22P18BIW01C1A61-FH_Moto-360-2nd22mm MiLTAT Black Pull Up Aniline Italian Leather Watch Strap, Rivet Military strap

These two waxed thread hand stitching on raw Italian leather for extended durability. This pull up aniline Italian leather has natural dye color characteristic, bend on it light color will through.

22B18PBU57C4A50-XX_Moto-360-2nd22 mm CrocoCalf (Croco Grain) Matte Black Semi-Curved Watch strap, Black Stitching, P

Elegant Crococalf – Croco Grain embossed crocodile’s square grain which looks like the real thing but only cost in a calf leather watch strap. Semi-curved lug narrow down the embarrassing space between lug & spring bar.

22C20BIW01K1A36-FH_Moto-360-2nd22mm MiLTAT Kevlar Black Watch Strap, Black Stitches [22C20BIW01K1A36-FH]

This water proof fiber finish was inspired from bullet proof material “Kevlar” with specific woven texture & non-shinny appearance. Extra Long size to fit large size of wrist.

22B22EBU57C2B03-XX_Moto-360-2nd22mm MiLTAT WW2 2-piece Navy Washed Canvas Watch Band with lockstitch round hole, Sandblasted [22B22EBU57C2B03-XX]

Pick out this washed & weathered look canvas in stylish military colors. Reinforced lockstitch round holes to extend durability of the watch strap.

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