The Military Look of Seiko Solar SSC015P1

If you want some flash to what is on your wrist, then these may be more to your liking.

20A20BZZ00N2P49_Seiko-Solar-SSC015P1MiLTAT 20mm G10 Military NATO Watch Strap, Sandwich Nylon Armband, Brushed – Military Green [20A20BZZ00N2P49] 

MiLTAT Sandwich G10 Bullet Tail military watch straps use different nylon threads to fabricate sandwich layers. The Sandwich woven technique gives the G10 strap an obvious texture that is both visible and touchable. New palette of subtle colors strip is tightening up with four 316L stainless steel hardware.

22F20BBU57V1B12_Seiko-Solar-SSC015P120mm MiLTAT Dundee Tartan Pattern Watch Strap, Brown Stitching [22F20BBU57V1B12-XX]

Tartan Pattern Fabric is characterized by horizontal and vertical bars from a variety of colors with a criss-cross pattern. This Scotland Plaid Checkers pattern old school vintage looks watch band featured in cut strap with raw edge, stitching at lug end and tip of strap. Pull up Aniline Italian calf leather lining adds a level of comfort to your wrist.

22H22EBU55N5T06_Seiko-Solar-SSC015P120mm MiLTAT Grezzo SQ ZULU Watch Strap Woodland Camouflage Geniune Calf, Sandblasted [22H22EBU55N5T06-XX]

MiLTAT Grezzo SQ collection using round square loop keeper for ease slide out. This Zulu style watch band made from 100% imported Italian vegetable tanned leather in approximate 2mm thick, tight up with three round square rings and solid screw-in buckle. Cool bold camouflage pattern is balanced with a neutral palette.

20P16BCL05C2F13_Seiko-Solar-SSC015P120mm MiLTAT Military Green Canvas Submariner Clasp Watch Strap, Wax Hand Stitches [21P16BCL05C2F13-XX]

Waxed thread hand stitching on washed & weathered look canvas in stylish military colors for extended durability

22H22EZU00C2F15_Seiko-Solar-SSC015P1MiLTAT 22mm Washed Canvas Zulu Military Green Double Thickness Watch Strap, Lockstitch Hole, Green Stitches [22H22EZU00C2F15]

G10 Zulu military watch strap is made from 12 oz. washed canvas, strong & durable enough to carry your watches. Military used much cotton canvas to make military equipment, too. G10 canvas military watch strap flip over design remain the continuity in appearance.

22F22BBU55C2Q07_Seiko-Solar-SSC015P120mm MiLTAT Zizz Collection Khaki Washed Canvas Watch Strap, Brown Wax Hand Stitching [22F22BBU55C2Q07-XX]

Zizz collection, hand-sewn ‘Z’ stitches on heavy leather keeper is the signature of the collection. Different materials were combined to give out contrasting appearance. Vegetable tanned Italian leather was used as the keeper and lining.

Check them out here

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