Why Does SEIKO wear Red

Red is an auspicious as well as a popular color in Chinese culture. It symbolises luck, happiness and joy.

Here are some red watch straps for your Seiko during Chinese New Year and other holidays.

22B18PBU57C4E01_Seiko-SRP779K1-Pepsi_22F22BBU55C4L03_Seiko-SKX007Left: 22mm CrocoCalf (Croco Grain) Bordeaux Red Semi-Curved Watch strap, Red Stitching, P [22B18PBU57C4E01-XX] demo on Seiko New Turtle Prospex SRP779K1 Diver Pepsi

Elegant Crococalf – Croco Grain embossed crocodile’s square grain which looks like the real thing but only cost in a calf leather watch strap. Semi-curved lug narrow down the embarrassing space between lug & spring bar. This item also included a pair of curved spring bars which is not easy to find in the market.

Right: 22mm MiLTAT Antipode Watch Strap Matte Red CrocoCalf in Tan Hand Stitches
[22F22BBU55C4L03] demo on Seiko SKX007 Diver’s 200m Automatic Watch

Antipode CrocoCalf Collection is 100% stitching by hand. Waxed thread was used on theis beautiful genuine matte crococalf for extended durability. This croco grain embossed crocodile’s square grain which looks like the real thing but only cost in a calf leather watch strap. Antipode CrocoCalf Collection is accented with brown tone Italian vegetable tanned leather loop as strap holders.

NATOUS-J03-22B_Seiko-Atlas-SKZ209J1_22A22DBU59N7L04_Seiko-Tuna-SBBN023Left: 22mm G10 Nato James Bond Heavy Nylon Strap Brushed Buckle – J03 Double Black & Red [NATOUS-J03-22B] demo on Seiko 5 Sports SKZ209J1 200m Atlas Diver

G10 Nato James Bond Watch Strap also named as “Bond Strap”. This is the same style of strips pattern watch band worn by James Bond on a Rolex Submariner (portrayed by Sean Connery). Nato James Bond Strap looks great on any military or military style watches.
This NATO strap is made from straight woven thread nylon.

Right: 22mm MiLTAT Perlon Watch Strap, Red, PVD Brushed Black Ladder Lock Slider Buckle [22A22DBU59N7L04-XX] demo on Seiko SBBN023 Prospex Tuna Sea Golgo 13 Limited Edition

European made braided Perlon strap attached a superior quality 316L stainless steel ladder lock slider buckle to strap connection. The quality of Perlon strap was good but always been complaining that the buckle was too flimsy. This is necessary to swap a new design, our own 316L stainless steel ladder lock slider buckle. Braided strap featuring lack of holes which gives Perlon strap an endless size adjustments. It can perfectly adjustable to your exact wrist size requirements. Your watch will stays nicely just as well as on a Nato or Zulu strap, so no need to worry about sliding. Perlon fiber characteristic is very lightweight, waterproof and dry even faster than NATO.

NATO-J14-20B_Seiko-Sumo-SPB031_20A20BZU00N4S08_Seiko-Sumo-SBDC001Left: 20mm Nato James Bond Strap Brush – J14 Red-Pink (Austria, Canada, Demark, Japan, Latvia, Malta, Monaco, Poland, Switzerland) [NATO-J14-20B] demo on Seiko SPB031 Prospex Green Sumo 50th Anniversary

Right: MiLTAT 20mm Zulu military watch strap ballistic nylon armband, Brushed – Red & Grey [20A20BZU00N4S08] demo on Seiko Prospex Scuba SBDC001 Sumo Diver

Zulu 3 rings military watch strap made in double thickness Ballistic nylon. Approximate 2.0mm thick, tight up with three stainless steel ring. Look excellent on military or classic-looking dive watches.



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