Choose a look that’s right for you | IWC

Here are three MiLTAT collections watch straps for you IWC watches. Click on the photos to be taken to our shop, directly to the category page.Seiko_IWC_CANVASAnother option for summer’s wear instead of NATO strap is canvas watch strap. These MiLTAT canvas straps have CANVAS AMMO, RIVET AND CURVED LUG etc. collections. These rugged straps that will last a while and perfect for summer.


Leather watch bands is the classic choice for any watch. We offer premium quality leather and add a level of comfort ultimately to your wrist. We have Handmad vintage, Rivet, Zizz etc. collections.

Seiko_IWC_ZULU_NATOLast but not least, MiLTAT Zulu and G10 Nato straps are easy to install and it is tightening up with 316L stainless steel hardware. Nylon is cut and simultaneously sealed using ultrasonic knives to prevent fraying. It’s a great choice for  your casual, smart casual or sport’s wear.

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