MiLTAT Silicone Spring Bar Holders

Spring bar could very easily pop out of the bracelets and get lost if you are not careful when changing watch strap. So, we have produced the MiLTAT silicone spring bar holders for the 20mm and 22mm stainless steel bracelets, to ensure that the spring bar wouldn’t pop out from the stainless steel bracelets.


What’s your ideas or suggestions to make use of the silicone spring bar holder? Tell us on our Instagram!



We are giving away this MiLTAT 22mm straight lug Super Oyster stainless steel bracelet.
To enter: Leave a comment on one of the giveaway photo with your suggestion and add hashtag #scmtgiveaway on our Instagram. We will pick one of our favourite suggestion ideas on 29/8 (Monday). Tell us!


Our suggestion:

Another way to make use of these silicone spring bar holders160819_silicone_spring_bar_holders_day4

What’s your ideas or suggestions to make use of them? Tell us on Instagram now!


Our store:



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