Accessorize your Daniel Wellington Classic 36mm St Mawes

Accessorize your Daniel Wellington Classic 36mm St Mawesdw-classic-36mm_all20n18biw01k1a08_dw-classic-36mm20mm MiLTAT Kevlar Watch Strap in Red Stitches [20N18BIW01K1A08-FH]

This water proof fiber finish was inspired from bullet proof material “Kevlar” with specific woven texture & non-shinny appearance. Extra Long size to fit large size of wrist.

pad-ro01pc1d02_20b20bbu57n2p55_dw-classic-36mmMiLTAT 20mm G10 NATO 3M Glow-in-the-Dark Watch Strap, Brushed – Black and Grey Stripes[20B20BBU57N2P55] with Saddle Brown Geniune Clafskin Leather BUND Pad for 20mm – 22mm watch straps, Beige Wax Stitching [PAD-RO01PC1D02]

20a20pbu59n7j07-xx_dw-classic-36mm20mm MiLTAT Perlon Watch Strap, Black & Orange, Polished Ladder Lock Slider Buckle

Perlon fiber characteristic is very lightweight, waterproof and dry even faster than NATO.

ss202003b024_dw-classic-36mm20mm SUPER Engineer Type II Solid Stainless Steel Straight End Watch Band-Push Button

Super Engineer II watch bracelet is composed by 5 chamfer edge well-made solid 316L stainless steel units. Screw-in adjustable details instead of pressure pins.

20a20pzz00n2p20_dw-classic-36mmMiLTAT 20mm G10 Military Watch strap ballistic nylon armband, Polished – Blue, Red, Beige[20A20PZZ00N2P20]

MiLTAT G10 military watch straps are manufactured by high density ballistic nylon. New palette of subtle colors strip is tightening up with four 316L stainless steel hardware, looks excellent on military or classic-looking dive watches.

20a20dzz00n6p46_dw-classic-36mmMiLTAT 20mm G10 NATO Watch Strap, Ballistic Nylon Armband, Lion Dance Monogram, PVD Hardware [20A20DZZ00N6P46]

New monogram pattern in Oriental theme & Chinese characters

We hope you’ve enjoyed this MiLTAT straps and bracelet. They are available on

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