Happy New Year 2017

As another year comes to an end, we wanted to take a moment to wish you a great 2017!

Let’s see what watch straps we choose for Seiko Prospex Special Edition PADI SRPA21 200m.

ss221803b046_grp-seiko-padi-srpa21ss221803b046_seiko-padi-srpa2122mm Super Jubilee 316L Stainless Steel Watch Bracelet for Seiko New Turtles SRP777 & PADI SRPA21 Diver Clasp Brushed [SS221803B046]

Super Jubilee watch bracelet is an upgraded version of vintage Jubilee watch band. All links composed by solid 316L stainless steel with a curved solid end piece perfectly fit Seiko Turtle, Seiko Prospex 200m Divers, SRP777, SRP779, SRP775 and SRP773.

22p22ebu55n5c15-xx_seiko-padi-srpa2122mm MiLTAT G10 Grezzo SQ ZULU Watch Strap Matte Mahogany Geniune Calf, Sandblasted[22P22EBU55N5C15-XX]

MiLTAT G10 Grezzo SQ collection using round square loop keeper for ease slide out. This Zulu type imported Italian leather strap approximate 2mm thick, tight up with three round square rings and solid screw-in buckle.

22n20biw01c2b08_seiko-padi-srpa2122mm MiLTAT Zizz Collection Distressed Denim Watch Strap Red Wax Hand Stitching

Zizz collection, hand-sewn ‘Z’ stitches on heavy leather keeper is the signature of the collection. Different materials were combined to give out contrasting appearance. Vegetable tanned Italian leather was used as the keeper and lining.

22c22bbu55c4c11-xx_seiko-padi-srpa2122mm CrocoCalf (Croco Grain) Honey Brown Watch Strap with Black Stitches

Waxed thread hand stitching on Italian leather for extended durability. This Croco Grain embossed crocodile’s square grain which looks like the real thing but only cost in a calf leather watch strap.

22a22dzz00n6p46_seiko-padi-srpa21MiLTAT 22mm G10 NATO Watch Strap, Ballistic Nylon Armband, Lion Dance Monogram, PVD Hardware[22A22DZZ00N6P46]

MiLTAT G10 military watch straps are manufactured by high density ballistic nylon. New monogram pattern in Oriental theme & Chinese characters is tightening up with four 316L stainless steel hardware.

MiLTAT 22mm 3 Rings Zulu JB military watch strap ballistic nylon armband – French Flag & PVD Black Hardware[22A22DZZ00N4S02]

Zulu JB 3 rings military watch strap double thickness high density ballistic nylon. Approximate 1.5mm thick, tight up with five 316L stainless steel ring.

Strapcode team

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