All about military style with Seiko Alpinist SARB017 Automatic Watch

It’s the fifth generation of the Seiko Alpinish since the original was released in 1961. Let’s see the Seiko Alpinist SARB017 in military style.ss201820b058s_grp-seiko-alpinist-sarb017ss201820b058s_seiko-alpinist-sarb01720mm ANGUS Jubilee 316L Stainless Steel Watch Bracelet 20mm Straight End, Brushed/Polished, V-Clasp [SS201820B058S]

More round and sturdy solid link Angus Jubilee watch bracelet is an upgraded version of Super Jubilee watch bracelet. All links composed by scaled up solid 316L stainless steel beads and well-built precise screws, the more robust it is. New Screw-in adjustable details with an open end on both sides can lower the risk of the screw loosening during dynamic.

SS201805B042S_Seiko-Alpinist-SARB017.jpg20mm Hexad Oyster 316L Stainless Steel Watch Band Straight Lug, Submariner Clasp Brushed[SS201805B042S]

Hexad Oyster watch bracelet is a striking new design in 2016. Each link is composed of 3 Chamfer edge solid 316L stainless steel units. Hexad Oyster is a contemporary version of the traditional Oyster bracelet, but more thick & sturdy over 100 grams.

ss202003bps023_seiko-alpinist-sarb01720mm Super Oyster Brushed & Polished 316L Stainless Steel Straight End Watch Band

Super Oyster watch bracelet is composed of 3 rows of solid links. Considering the comfort and sustainability, it bends smoothly following your wrist.

22p22dbu57s6f21_seiko-alpinist-sarb01720mm MiLTAT G10 Grezzo NATO Watch Strap, Olive Green Distressed Leather Extra Soft, PVD Black[20P20DBU57S6F21]

MiLTAT G10 Grezzo imported Italian distressed calf leather watch band. Approximate 1.4mm thick, tight up with three rings and solid screw-in buckle.

22p20dbu57s6g12-xx_seiko-alpinist-sarb01720mm MiLTAT Dark Grey Genuine Nubuck Leather Watch Strap, Beige Stitching, PVD Buckle[20P18DBU57S6G12-XX]

This Italian nubuck leather watch band have rubbed surface, giving out a touch similar to suede but more strong. Vintage mood strongly enhanced by gradually diffused smoky effect, created by free hand painted black edge lacquer sealant.

20f20bpv13c1c38_seiko-alpinist-sarb01720mm Hezzo Bund Military Style Double-layer Watch Strap, Black Italian Leather

MiLTAT 3-piece Hezzo Bund military inspired double-layer straps are as tough as one-layered strap. This double tone Bund strap belongs to MiLTAT “Leather of Art” collection, while leathers using for this collection are mainly imported from Italy.

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