When Blue Meet Seiko Prospex Samurai SRPB09 Blue Lagoon

When blue meet Seiko Prospex Samurai SRPB09 Blue Lagoon. The gorgeous blue sunburst dials with those blue watch straps. Take a look!22p20ebu57s6b20-xx_grp-seiko-srpb09-bluelagoon22B22EBR01N9B18_Seiko-SRPB09-BlueLagoon.jpg22mm MiLTAT Honeycomb Navy Blue Nylon Velcro Fastener Watch Strap, Brushed Stainless Buckle [22B22EBR01N9B18]

Double layers tactical Velcro Hook-and-loop watch strap is made of special nylon which using 3-D weaving techniques. Cool color show off its own unique honey comb texture. Nylon material have tough property, is an excellent choice for sports enthusiasts.


22c18biw01c2b10-fh_seiko-srpb09-bluelagoon22mm MiLTAT Heavy Distressed Blue Denim Watch Strap, Rivet Military strap

Distressed denim, appear in rips and stray fibers to characterized as vintage rugged look. Depending on the fraying status of denim, each strap may have color variation.

22b18pbu57c4b09_seiko-srpb09-bluelagoon22mm CrocoCalf (Croco Grain) Dark Blue Semi-Curved Watch strap, Blue Stitching, P

Elegant Crococalf – Croco Grain embossed crocodile’s square grain which looks like the real thing but only cost in a calf leather watch strap. Semi-curved lug narrow down the embarrassing space between lug & spring bar.

22i22dcl19c2b04-xx_seiko-srpb09-bluelagoon22mm MiLTAT Navy Blue Washed Canvas Watch Band with Dark Grey Wax Stitching, PVD Black Button Chamfer Clasp[22I22DCL19C2B04-XX]

Waxed thread hand stitching on washed & weathered look canvas in stylish military colors.

22p20ebu57s6b20-xx_seiko-srpb09-bluelagoon22mm MiLTAT Navy Blue Genuine Nubuck Leather Watch Strap, Beige Stitching, Sandblasted Buckle [22P20EBU57S6B20-XX]

This Italian nubuck leather watch band have rubbed surface, giving out a touch similar to suede but more strong. Vintage mood strongly enhanced by gradually diffused smoky effect, created by free hand painted black edge lacquer sealant.

22b22dzz00n4b16_seiko-srpb09-bluelagoonMiLTAT 22mm 3 Rings G10 Zulu Watch Strap Ballistic Nylon Armband, Navy Blue & White, PVD Black Buckle [22B22DZZ00N4B16]

MiLTAT Zulu 3 rings military watch strap double thickness high density ballistic nylon.

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