How to take your Seiko SKX007 movement out of the case

Title : Supercharge your SKX007 with a NH35


Edited : 4/4/2017 (add pix)

After doing the “Triple charge your Seiko SKX007 with Dragon Shroud, Jumbo crown and a NH36 !” article.
( ) .

I have been receiving many request to do a tutorial for  updating the SKX007 <or SKX009> to the later NE15 (6R15) or NH35 (4R35) movement while highlighting the necessary parts swap to make it work !

Since i do not have any similar project currently. I will be writing this tutorial basing on mine existing pictorial and Nicholas Hacko’s excellent 7S26 servicing pictorial.

For this “Supercharge your SKX007 with a NH35” tutorial, i am assuming that you have the tools and know how to remove the :

a) back case

b) stem

c) hands

c) dial

d) remove movement from the watch case


Lets begin with the parts swap.

NEW NH35 Stem
You will need a new NH35 stem (the 7S26 stem…

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