Don’t hide your awesome SEIKO shots – Share with us


Until now, Instagram is probably the best place to share and find pictures of your favourite timepieces, watch straps or whatever you want to see by using Hashtags. We realized that we could be having more fun with it. First of all, we’d like to thank everyone who tagged #strapcode and #MiLTAT, we hope you guys can keep tagging us. Secondly, we want to begin featuring your unique and awesome posts by YOU, with Strapcode and MiLTAT straps. We have created 4 hashtags which are #StrapcodeSKX007#strapcodeSUMO#strapcodeMM300 and #strapcodeTURTLE. We hope to see all of your awesome pictures on Instagram.

Seiko SKX007 and SKX009 Collection#strapcodeSKX007-01


Seiko Turtle collection#strapcodeTURTLE-01


Seiko MM300 collection#strapcodeMM300-01


Seiko Sumo Collection#strapcodesumo-01

Credits to all of you who tagged #strapcode and #MiLTAT.

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