[Tutorial] How to install your watch band?

Watch Band Installation

1. NATO Style Watch Straps


After removing your current watch strap by removing the spring bars with a spring bar tool.

Use masking tape to protect watch before, then install both spring bars back.

IMG_0083 Installed the spring bars.

Thread the long end of the strap through the top spring bar gap of your watch at the 12 o’clock position so the buckle is at 12 o’clock.

IMG_0096.jpg Then through the spring bar at 6 o’clock. Take that same long part of the watch strap back through the keeper. Pull it through.

Shift the watch case up or down to ensure it is centered between the keepers and it sits properly on your wrist.

IMG_0111.jpg Finished.

Stainless Steel Watch Bracelets


Apply masking tape to protect of your watch.


Then use spring bar tool to hold and press down the spring bar.


Fine tune it’s location to make sure it gets into the hole completely. “Click” sound will be heard if the spring bar is properly installed.

Repeat on the other side.


Hold the bracelet firmly with one hand on each side, then pull the watch band apart. Double check if the bracelet was securely installed.


Use links removal tools to help resize a band : Screwdriver or watch bracelet link pin adjuster.

MiLTAT metal watch bracelets are in screw links, just need  a proper size (1.5 – 1.8mm) precision screwdriver.

IMG_0208 Remove the unwanted links.
IMG_0213 Tighten the screw.
IMG_0217 Fine tune the ideal length along the buckle’s micro hole.
IMG_0243 Finished.

Leather Strap


From the back side of the watch case.


Use the forked end of the spring bar tool to depress the spring bar, so it slides inside the watch lug.


Hold the strap firmly with one hand on each sides, then pull the watch band apart to make sure both ends of the spring bar securely snap into their holes.


Repeat on the other side, Finished.



Simply insert one end of the spring bar into the lug.


When you can feel the spring bar has been pushed down, use a free finger to push the top of the endlink out gently.

Repeat on the other side. Finished.


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