Pre-Order now | Angus Jubilee for Seiko Alpinist SARB017

Update: Due to limited quantities and high demand,

our pre-order of the Angus Jubilee for

Seiko Alpinist SARB017 is now SOLD OUT! 

Angus Jubilee PRE-ORDER  Begins Today

Get your Pre-order in now for your Seiko Alpinist SARB017

This Angus Jubilee with a curved solid end pieces perfectly fit Alpinist SARB013, SARB015 and SARB017 models. The lug of this watch band was tapered into 18mm buckle size, added value on flexibility of using your original 18mm Seiko clasp back if you want.

More round and sturdy solid link Angus Jubilee watch bracelet is an upgraded version of Super Jubilee watch bracelet. All links composed by scaled up solid 316L stainless steel beads and well-built precise screws, the more robust it is. New Screw-in adjustable details with open end on both sides can lower the risk of the screw loosening during dynamic.



expected to ship around mid July 2017

Have you missed the chance to Pre-order an Alpinist Angus Jubilee?

Let’s tell us your wishes, tell us which bracelets you think is the most awesome for your Seiko. Want to be the first to know when the bracelets will be updated for your beloved Seiko?

Join Wishlist – Seiko Alpinist SARB017


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27 Comments Add yours

  1. Michael Walker says:

    How much is it USD?
    Also, you need a two tone version… with gold plate running down the middle

    1. strapcode says:

      thanks! Will study about two tone version shortly and please visit our store for more details:

  2. Alexis says:

    Hi, will there be another batch for these? Thanks!

    1. strapcode says:

      Yes, they are under production. Thank you.

  3. DeepEye says:

    Hello! Will there be another preorder or it’ll become available on the store?

    1. strapcode says:

      We have normal stock later. Thanks for your interest on our products.

  4. FABEL says:

    absolutely love! that you guys are designing this, but agree on needing the gold center links to proper aesthetic flow w/ the Alpinist markers & cathedral hands. SARB033 & SARB065 need to be added to the collection as well in exactly the design you’ve created here.

    1. strapcode says:

      we’ve received the same inquiries quite a lot, should seriously think about it. Thank you

  5. Michael says:

    I have one of your super jubilee bracelets for my SKX and LOVE it! I would most definitely buy one for my SARB065 if you made one. The SARB065 is such a good model for you to support because even a quick google search will reveal that the stock strap is frequently identified as its weak point. Many cocktail time owners are in the same boat as me!

    1. strapcode says:

      Hi Michael, thank you for your suggestion, we’ve been receiving lots of request on various Seiko models and that’s why we made a “Wish List” for watch fan to easy approach us with their ideas. Please feel free to sign the wish list so we will know what you are looking for & the most important is when it becomes realistic, you will be the first one to receive the news & the updates.
      Seiko WISHLIST >

  6. ahmed says:

    Hello! I really loved the Angus jubilee for the sarb017. I just want to ask if there will be another stoke??? and if there is another stoke will it to oman???? thankssss

    1. strapcode says:

      Hi Ahmed, thanks for your message. Meanwhile we cannot confirm the restock day yet, however if you want to be the first to know when the bracelets will be updated, pls sign up “Alpinist Wish List” below, Thank you

  7. Mark Rusiecki says:

    A two tone jubilee bracelet for the Sarb017 would look amazing as it would compliment the hands, numbers and indices.

  8. strapcode says:

    Thanks for your praise.


    I am interested in the Two tone Angus for Alpinist . Let me know when its available

    1. strapcode says:

      Above bracelet is still under developing. Please feel free to subscribe here:

  10. Guillermo says:

    i, will there be another batch for these? Thanks! (DECEMBER 2017 ) ?christmas…
    sarb017 angus jubilee or Oyster?

    1. strapcode says:

      Yes, they are still restocking. But they will be available after Dec. Please kinldy note.

  11. Julian Tagal says:

    Could we please pre-order the Angus Jubilee for the Alpinist please?

    1. strapcode says:

      Hi Julian, Angus Jubilee for the Alpinist was just re-stocked, you can find from our store now. Thank you

  12. Steven Wu says:

    Hello, will you offer a SUPER JUBILEE for the SARB017?

    1. strapcode says:

      Hi Steven, I’m afraid not, why not take a look on the Angus Jubilee ?

  13. Alex M says:

    I guess I missed the train on this one. Are you planning on restocking again any time soon?

  14. Alex M says:

    I must have missed the train on this. Is there another release scheduled in the near future? This looks like the only bracelet I would want for this watch.

  15. k-mart says:

    Seems like it’s sold out once more. Will there be another restock of the two tone angus jubilee?

    1. strapcode says:

      The brushed and polished Angus jubilee bracelet for Seiko Alpinist SARB017 will restock in late Jun or Jul.

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