[Tutorial] Share the curved endlink bracelet between two watches?


Our Pre-order campaign of Alpinist Angus Jubilee bracelet was very successful. We would like to say to all Seiko fans, thanks for the support. During the campaign, we received a lot of inquiries about : Does this fit the sarb033? People keep asking the same question, truly raise our curiosity. However the answer is NO, let us explain ‘Why’ they are not compatible even if they are common in 20mm and the curve round watch case looks so alike.

All watch case have their unique lug, varies in thickness, shape and precise spring bar holes position, to find another ‘Twins’ having exactly the same case seems impossible. That’s why solid curved lug end bracelet is not interchangeable. Below is an example of : Seiko SKX013 compare with Seiko Alpinist. These two watches case lug shape looks very similar. We fitted a MiLTAT Angus Jubilee bracelet [SS201805B064] which designed for Seiko Alpinist on these two watches respectively; you will find they have so much different.

You can add 3 hashtags in your Instagram posts including your Seiko watch model and bracelet you want. Here is an example #Iwantstrapcode #SARB033 #AngusJubilee if you are looking for a solid curved endlink Angus Jubilee bracelet for your Seiko SARB033.

1.     Tell us you want curved endlink watch bracelet


2.     Which watch model you want

e.g. #SARB033

3.     What watch bracelet you want

e.g. #AngusJubilee

* If over 100 hashtags was found in individuals, we will consider to produce.*

Tell us NOW

 To compare with these two watches, the curvature shape of the watch case look similar.
Side view:

This Angus Jubilee bracelet [SS201805B064] designed for Seiko Alpinist, so It can fit the watch case perfectly.

Side view:

If the same Angus Jubilee bracelet [SS201805B064] install to the Seiko SKX013, the endlink doesn’t fit the watch case.

Back and Front view:

Angus Jubilee bracelet [SS201805B064] perfectly fits on Seiko Alpinist.

Back and Front view:

The same Angus Jubilee bracelet [SS201805B064] install to the Seiko SKX013, there is a gap between the watch and bracelet.

Unfortunately, the bracelet endlink spring bar holes doesn’t fit this watch case.


When you are choosing a bracelet for your watch, you need to check the watch case thickness and the lug holes location.

Since these two watches case curvature shape look similar, but there is a difference between the thickness and lug holes location and this will cause you can’t install the bracelet.

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sander Gröndahl says:

    Hello I can see that I’m a little late to comment this post! But are you considering making a bracelet that matches the sarb033’s curved lugs?

  2. Ömer says:

    Ssa343j presage. İ dont find bracelet.

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