ROAR #Iwantstrapcode and Make it happen

If you want a curved endlink bracelet for your specific Seiko model, why not let us know ?
We received a lot of enquiries about bracelets for Seiko SARB033 and SARB035 through our Instagram. Thank you for all the friendly comments, we would like to hear from you and help you to find the designated bracelet you have been searching for so long.  By adding #Iwantstrapcode + #(your watch model) + #(our bracelet) in your Instagram post, your message will reach us.


Add 3 hashtags in your Instagram posts including your Seiko watch model and bracelet you want. Here is an example #Iwantstrapcode #SARB033 #AngusJubilee if you are looking for a solid curved endlink Angus Jubilee bracelet for your Seiko SARB033.

1.     Tell us you want curved endlink watch bracelet


2.     Which watch model you want

e.g. #SARB033

3.     What watch bracelet you want

e.g. #AngusJubilee

strapcode instagram comment


* If over 100 hashtags was found in individuals, we will consider to produce.*

We’ve heard what you want!
Please keep tagging #Iwantstrapcode and make it happen!

Tell us now.

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