Find Simplicity – SEIKO Mechanical Standard Models Automatic Mens Watch SARB033

We received a lot of enquiries about bracelets for Seiko SARB033 and SARB035 through our Instagram. Thank you for all the friendly comments, we would like to hear from you and help you to find the designated bracelet you have been searching for so long.

Seiko SARB033 runs on a Japanese-constructed movement (6R15 movement) in this watch is automatic, meaning it is spring-driven and will self-wind to a degree due to a weighted mechanism that shifts when you move. The Seiko Mechanical SARB033 Mens Wrist Watch has a classic design that will not age.

W_20C20BBU55C1D11_Seiko-SARB033-BlackThere are slight polishing on the side of the casing, with it’s lugs curved downwards. The dial is well protected behind a Sapphire crystal, with a Hardlex movement display on the back.

Seiko offers two models to choose from – black (SARB033) and off-white (SARB035). This time, let’s see the SARB033 first.

W_20B20PBU56N5C14_grp-Seiko-SARB033-Black[On SARB033] 20mm MiLTAT Senno G10 Leather Watch Strap Black, Polished

[On SARB035] 20mm MiLTAT Senno G10 Leather Watch Strap Cordura Brown, Polished

MiLTAT Senno G10 Leather Collection was made from imported Italian vegetable tanned leather. Approximate 1.5mm thick, tight up with three rings and solid buckle. Hardwares all in 316L stainless steel. This magnificent design is ideal for smart casual outfit.


W_20P18DBU57C1A72-XX_Seiko-SARB033-Black20mm MiLTAT Black Genuine Calf Leather Watch Strap, Beige Stitching, PVD Black Buckle [20P18DBU57C1A72-XX]

This vintage looks Italian leather watch band featured in cut strap with stitching at lug end and tip of strap. Matte clear edge lacquer strong sealant was applied, to lower the risk of cracking and peeling when cured with no disturb on the simplicity of design. Luxury leather watch band like this one is using the same top layer leather as lining too.

W_20C18EBU57S6D17-XX_Seiko-SARB033-Black20mm MiLTAT Saddle Brown Genuine Nubuck Leather Watch Strap, Black Stitching, Sandblasted Buckle [20C18EBU57S6D17-XX]

This Italian nubuck leather watch band have rubbed surface, giving out a touch similar to suede but more strong. Vintage mood strongly enhanced by gradually diffused smoky effect, created by free hand painted black edge lacquer sealant. Featured in cut strap with stitching at lug end and tip of strap.

W_20C20BBU55C1D11_Seiko-SARB033-Black-220mm Soft Italian Leather Donkey Grey Watch Strap with Black Stitches [20C20BBU55C1D11]

Waxed thread hand stitching on Italian leather for extended durability. This vintage look soft Italian leather has natural dye color characteristic, without any wax coating, it looks subtle but unique.

W_20F20BPV13C1A67_Seiko-SARB033-Black20mm Hezzo Bund Military Style Double-layer Watch Strap, Heavy Scratch Brown Leather of Art [20F20BPV13C1A67]

MiLTAT 3-piece Hezzo Bund military inspired double-layer straps are as tough as one-layered strap. This double tone Bund strap belongs to MiLTAT “Leather of Art” collection, while leathers using for this collection are mainly imported from Italy. Such as Rebel Leather, either with heavy scratches, stamps or holes unevenly distributed, to give your watch a distinctive look.

W_20B18PBU57C4C21-XX_Seiko-SARB033-Black20mm CrocoCalf (Croco Grain) Matte Brown Semi-Curved Watch strap, Brown Stitching, P [20B18PBU57C4C21-XX]

W_20B18PBU57C4G06-XX_Seiko-SARB033-Black20 mm CrocoCalf (Croco Grain) Dark Grey Semi-Curved Watch strap, Grey Stitching, P [20B18PBU57C4G06-XX]

These two Elegant Crococalf – Croco Grain embossed crocodile’s square grain which looks like the real thing but only cost in a calf leather watch strap. Semi-curved lug narrow down the embarrassing space between lug & spring bar.

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