[Tutorial] Stainless Steel bracelet adjustment tips


Before you do anything to your watch bracelet, you need to know how many links you are going to take out.

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W_SS-adjustment-tips-3It’s because then you can remove one from either side and ensure that the clip is still located in the centre of the watch strap. Once you know how many links you are going to take out, you need to prepare your working area.


W_SS-adjustment-tips-2The length from the mark to the end of the band needs to be removed – but not all from one end. Remove a little more than half this amount from the end of the band that attaches to the 12 o’clock side. Then remove a little less than half this length from the end that attaches to the 6 o’clock side.


W_SS-adjustment-tips-5The reason for the difference here is the shape of a wrist – it’s not a perfect oval. The inner side of the wrist is shorter than the outer side. To best center the watch on the top of the wrist, the 6 o’clock side must be a bit shorter than the 12 o’clock side.

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