Pick a color, create a story for your Tudor Pelagos 25500TN

Can you smell Christmas? Tudor Pelagos Titanium Automatic Back 25500TN is 42mm in diameter and made of titanium. 500-meter water-resistant dive watch featuring a light-weight. This version contains an ETA 2824-2 movement of the highest grade, an integrated helium-release valve, a flat sapphire crystal and a ceramic bezel inlay with impressively integrated lume. Let’s see what straps we’ve picked for this Tudor Pelagos 25500TN on Christmas day.

W_22P22BPV02C1F19_grp-Tudor-Pelagos-25500TN[Left]22mm MiLTAT Handmade Vintage Tan Calf Leather Watch Band, Hand Painted, Hand Stitches [22P22BPV02C1D17]

[Right]22mm MiLTAT Handmade Vintage Green Calf Leather Watch Band, Hand Painted, Hand Stitches [22P22BPV02C1F19]

Fully handmade vintage calf leather, hand stitches and hand painted vintage effect. This Nubuck calf leather is soft but durable with a retro vintage effect done by hand, producing a slightly sanded surface. Top layer & flip over side is using the same leather.


[Left]22mm Hexad Oyster 316L Stainless Steel Watch Band Straight Lug, Submariner Clasp Brushed [SS221805B040S]

Hexad Oyster watch bracelet is a striking new design in 2016. Each link is composed of 3 Chamfer edge solid 316L stainless steel units. Hexad Oyster is a contemporary version of the traditional Oyster bracelet, but more thick & sturdy over 100 grams. Considering the comfort and sustainability, it bends smoothly following your wrist. Well-made solid 316L stainless steel links are assembled with screws instead of flimsy pins to keep its solidity and stability.

[Right] 22mm Winghead SHARK Mesh Band Stainless Steel Watch Bracelet, Button Chamfer Clasp, Brushed [MC222219B001B-XX]

For someone who keens on a tidy look, Winghead Shark Mesh Band would be the one. There is an adjunction improvement of spring bar opening, similar to our MiLTAT solid endlink collection.

W_22A22DZZ00N3A58_grp-Tudor-Pelagos-25500TN[Left] MiLTAT 22mm G10 Military Waffle ZULU Watch Strap, Nylon Armband, Brushed – Military Green m [22A22BZZ00N3F16]

[Right]MiLTAT 22mm G10 Military Waffle ZULU Watch Strap, Nylon Armband, PVD – Matte Black [22A22DZZ00N3A58]

MiLTAT Waffle Zulu 3 rings Bullet Tail military watch strap made by double thickness twill weaving nylon threads. A particular style of micro waffle weave gives the Zulu strap an obvious texture that is both visible and touchable. Approximate 1.5mm thick, tight up with three 316L stainless steel ring. Look excellent on military or classic-looking dive watches. Nylon holes are cut and simultaneously sealed using ultrasonic knives to prevent fraying.

22P20BBU57C1C33_grp-Tudor-Pelagos-25500TN[Left] 22mm MiLTAT Horween Chromexcel Watch Strap, Matte Brown, Beige Stitching

[Right] 22mm MiLTAT Horween Chromexcel Watch Strap, Blackish Green, Brown Stitching [22F20BBU57C1F17-XX]

Horween Chromexcel Leather is characterized by a rich pull-up in full aniline, hand rubbed finishes, offers the ultimate in comfort and durability. This vintage looks watch band featured in cut strap with raw edge, stitching at lug end and tip of strap. Pull up Aniline Italian calf leather lining adds a level of comfort to your wrist.

W_22C20EBU57S6D17_grp-Tudor-Pelagos-25500TN[Left] 22mm MiLTAT Saddle Brown Genuine Nubuck Leather Watch Strap, Beige Stitching, PVD Buckle [22P20DBU57S6D17-XX]

[Right] 22mm MiLTAT Dark Brown Genuine Nubuck Leather Watch Strap, Beige Stitching, PVD Buckle [22P20DBU57S6C41-XX]

This Italian nubuck leather watch band have rubbed surface, giving out a touch similar to suede but more strong. Vintage mood strongly enhanced by gradually diffused smoky effect, created by free hand painted black edge lacquer sealant. Featured in cut strap with stitching at lug end and tip of strap.


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Write by Sharon
@strapcode team

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