All things clean and classy with Winghead Shark Mesh Band with Seiko New Turtle

W_MC222219B001B-XX_grp-Seiko-SRPB11-BlueLagoonWinghead Shark Mesh is a crossover concept, the idea that the balance of loose and strength. The solid stainless steel endlink by the application of high melting and machining technology. Take a closer look at this Winghead Mesh band on Seiko new Turtle SRP series. It brings a classic and vintage style!

There’s three clasp options:

Button Chamfer Clasp, Wetsuit Ratchet buckle and V Clasp.W_New-MC-length-clasp-options

W_MC222219B001B-XX_Seiko-SRPB01K1-Green-2Demo on Seiko New Green Turtle Prospex SRPB01K1 Limited Edition 3500 pcs

W_MC222219B001B-XX_Seiko-PADI-SRPA21Demo on Seiko New Turtle Prospex Special Edition PADI SRPA21 200m

W_MC222219B001B-XX_Seiko-SRPB11-BlueLagoon-2Demo on Seiko New Turtle Prospex SRPB11 Blue Lagoon

W_MC222220B001B-XX_Seiko-SRP777K1-BlackDemo on Seiko New Turtle Prospex SRP777K1 Diver Black


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Write by Sharon
@strapcode team

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