Black is always in style – PVD Winghead Shark Mesh on SEIKO

Black will always be a classic style staple. The elegance that black watch straps can give to your watch. Take a look to this PVD Black MiLTAT Winghead Shark Mesh Band on Seiko watches.

Winghead Shark Mesh is a crossover concept, the idea that the balance of loose and strength. This is the merging of SHARK Mesh Band and solid stainless steel endlink by the application of high melting and machining technology. Winghead Shark Mesh Band has an absolutely flat and smooth transition, the joints are totally invisible. High standards of modifications associated with production lost over the two years of development stage. The improvement of solid endlink now can hide the spring bar which used to be quite annoying. For someone who keens on a tidy look, Winghead Shark Mesh Band would be the one. There is an adjunction improvement of spring bar opening, similar to our MiLTAT solid endlink collection. For the installing, Winghead Shark Mesh Band is much easier to grab the spring bar flange in compare with the old Shark Mesh Band. Secured with our signature Ratchet Buckle Clasp which is an ideal Wetsuit watch band buckle. The ratchet theory extension mechanism is of great importance for both convenience and safety. Flexible fine-tune length adjustment up to 10mm. Accurate Length range” selection is required.


There are three clasp option: Wetsuit Ratchet BuckleV-Clasp and Button Chamfer Clasp

W_MC222219BBK001-XX_Seiko-Tuna-SRPA99K1.jpgDemo on Seiko Prospex 200m Diver Tuna Limited Edition Automatic Watch SRPA99K1

W_MC222219BBK001-XX_Seiko-Tuna-SBDB009Demo on Seiko Prospex Marine Master 600m Spring Drive SBDB009

W_MC222220BBK001-XX_Seiko-Solar-FSC-SBDN029.jpgDemo on Seiko Solar Prospex Scuba Diver SBDN029 “FREEMANS SPORTING CLUB” limited models

W_MC222217BBK001-XX_Seiko-Tuna-SRPA82K1Demo on Seiko Baby Tuna Prospex Divers Automatic Men’s Watch SRPA82

W_MC222220BBK001-XX_Seiko-Tuna-SBDX016Demo on Seiko 50th Anniversary Diver Prospex Marine Master Automatic SBDX016

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