How awesome Seiko Mods can be?

Does anyone modify your Seiko/other brand watches? What’s the allure of the modding?

Watch modding has become a subculture within the watch collectors’ world. While we are doing the research on this topic, we have discussed with some friends who modded their Seikos.

Why people modded their Seikos? The following may give you some ideas..

  • Some people are admire an expensive watch that they’ll not be able to afford, so they can customize their Seiko to get upgraded and have the same feel.
  • Some people enjoy being creative, they want a unique watch by trying out new combinations.
  • Some of them want to achieve the look of those hard finding watches, eg. vintage signature models.
  • Some people tired the look of their stock watches

There are types of people who modified their SKX. SKX is a high-quality, affordable, plentiful watch, thus it’s very easy to work on for beginners. A sheer number of aftermarket watch parts can be easily found through the internet, we have listed some of the supplier here. Should you interested in details, you can access them by clicking their names below.

Aftermarket parts retailers for reference:

1. lumedceramicbezelinserts
2. Monteurhorloges
3. One Second Closer
5. Yobokies
7. The Dragon Shroud
8. Crystaltimes

How to mod your watch?

  1. Modding yourself: You can buy basic watch toolkits online and there are countless DIY tutorial videos you can find from Youtube.
  2. Find a known local watch modding service providers: You can contact some of the better-known watch modders by the watch forums or social medias.
  3. Local watchmaker: Order parts and find a local watchmaker to do the reassembly.

We have picked some awesome Seiko mod photos from #seikomod. Many thanks to all of you who credited us for using your photos. Since there are many types of the Seiko mods, so we’ve divided into 3 groups:from radical transform to mild changes. There are many Seiko Mods you can found nowadays through the social medias, let’s have a look at some pics from radical transform to mild changes.

1. Almost Totally Disguised – Bravery award

Modded Seiko SNZF17 – Photo credits to @captaink

adobo_islanderModded Seiko SRP777 – Photo credits to @adobo_islander

watch.u.doinModded Seiko SKX011 – Photo credits to @watch.u.doin

dallaswatchherdModded Seiko SKX007 – Photo credits to @dallaswatchherd

W_-muhdfahnibnrhmt.jpgModded Seiko SKX007 – Photo credits to @muhdfahnibnrhmt  @watch.mod.munky

2. Minor Changes Can Make Big Differences

You can tell the obviously changed parts, like the bezel & hands

watch.dudeModded Seiko SRP777 – Photo credits to @watch.dude

alexorology.jpgModded Seiko SKX007 – Photo credits to @alexorologyrobayres1975Modded Seiko SKX007 – Photo credits to @robayres1975

watchfriik.jpgModded Seiko SRP775 – Photo credits to @watchfriik

knutronny83Modded Seiko SKX007 – Photo credits to @knutronny83

W_dizkodots.jpgModded Seiko SKX007 – Photo credits to @dizkodots

3. Simple upgrade 

Wondering why this SKX007 is more shine & eye-catching ?

Modded Seiko SRP777 and SKX007 – Photo credits to @tyalexanderphotographychristalentfreiModded Seiko SKX171 – Photo credits to @christalentfrei mracekproductions.jpgModded Seiko SKX007 – Photo credits to @mracekproductionsjywis1998.jpgModded Seiko SKX007 – Photo credits to @jywis1998 watch_guys.jpgModded Seiko SKX007 – Photo credits to @watch_guys

darth_radb_ncModded Seiko SKX007 – Photo credits to @darth_radb_nc

Check them out on their Instagram account, there are many awesome Seiko mods photos from them.

How about you? Take your watch to the next level!

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Write by Sharon
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