Reinterpretation of the Seiko SRP – Mini Turtle

A reissue of the iconic Seiko 6309 – Seiko SRP series were released in 2016. Seiko Turtle SRP with a case diameter of 44.3mm, some of the people may think that it’s a bit large.


Seiko releases new ‘Mini Turtles’, SRPC35K1, SRPC37K1, SRPC39K1, and SRPC41K1 divers. With a case diameter of only 42.3mm, it’s a much more wearable size for small wrist people. It’s not simply a scaled-down version of the Seiko SRP series Turtle. Let’s take a closer look at this Seiko Mini-Turtle Prospex Automatic Dive Watch SRPC41K1 (PADI Edition) Pepsi Bezel. The most obvious change is the location of the crown. While the Seiko SRP series Turtle’s crown was positioned at 4 o’clock and with the crown guard, the new Mini Turtles crown features a crown at 3 o’clock without the crown guard.


Powering this ‘Mini Turtle’ runs on 4R35 automatic movement. It’s a 23 jewels movement with hacking and hand winding options. 41 hours of power reserve and a beat rate of 21,600 vibrations per hour.


For the dials part, the hour markers are rounded. It ensures 200m of water resistance. The cushion case has a different shape which is slightly smoother than Seiko SRP series Turtle, more rounded on top and softer overall. The mini Turtle has only a date window, a simple date with a rounded cyclops.

Seiko Turtle vs Mini Turtle

Name / Nickname Seiko Turtle Seiko Mini Turtle
Case Style Cushion Cushion (Slightly smoother)
Case Diameter 44.3 mm 42.3mm
Lug Width 22mm 20mm
Lug-to-lug 48mm Approx. 46mm
Water Resistance 200m 200m
Movement 4R36 Automatic Movement 4R35 Automatic Movement
Crown Location 4 O’clock Crown 3 O’clock
Crown Guard Yes No
Magnifier No Magnifier Circle Magnifier
Glass Material Hardlex Crystal Hardlex Crystal

Let’s see how to match with one of the Seiko Mini Turtle – Seiko Mini-Turtle Prospex Automatic Dive Watch SPRC41K1 (PADI Edition) Pepsi Bezel.


20mm ANGUS Jubilee 316L Stainless Steel Watch Bracelet for Seiko Mini Turtles SRPC35, Brushed, V-Clasp [SS201820B074] 

W_SS201805B073_Seiko-Mini-Turtle-SRPC41-MT 20mm Super 3D Oyster 316L Stainless Steel Watch Bracelet for Seiko Mini Turtles SRPC35, Submariner Clasp, Brushed [SS201805B073]

W_20A20DBU59N7P51_Seiko-Mini-Turtle-SRPC41.jpg20mm MiLTAT RAF N7 Nato Watch Strap, Navy Blue and Grey, PVD Black Ladder Lock Slider Buckle [20A20DBU59N7P51]

MiLTAT RAF N7 Nato military watch strap collection featured in the semi-squared tip and loose nylon loop as a keeper. Installation of RAF Nato watch band was super easy, simply slide it in between the lug and the spring bars at the back of your watch. This RAF N7 Nato comes along with a superior quality solid 316L stainless steel ladder lock slider buckle to strap connection. It can perfectly adjustable to your exact wrist size requirements.

W_MB2018FYB041_Seiko-Mini-Turtle-SRPC41.jpg20mm or 22mm Classic Vintage Knitted Superfine Wire Mesh Band, Brushed [MB2220FYB041-XX]

Densely knitted superfine wire mesh band, with your vintage style watches, are a perfect match. Inspired by the ’70s, the craftsmanship of this fine mesh bracelet is very delicate.

W_20B20BBU57N2P45_Seiko-Mini-Turtle-SRPC41.jpg20mm Two Piece WW2 G10 Nylon, Navy Blue & White, Brushed Buckle [20B20BBU57N2P45]

WW2 G10 Nylon Collection, tight up with two 316L stainless steel rings with ‘Arrow End’ feature. These two pieces military watch strap made from folding over, double layered nylon. Ballistic nylon has low water absorbency and runs off the smooth surface, hence dries quickly. Our nylon is cut and simultaneously sealed using ultrasonic knives to prevent fraying.

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Write by Sharon

@strapcode team

12 Comments Add yours

  1. Cai HaiBin says:

    will there be a curve end link bracelet for baby turtle?

    1. strapcode says:

      Hi, Seiko baby turtle curve end link bracelet is under development, hope it could be released before this summer

      1. Stephane says:

        Hi, Do you have a more accurate release date?

      2. strapcode says:

        Hi Stephane! I’m afraid we don’t have the accurate release date currently. Stay tuned:)

      3. Adam says:

        Now the summer is here, when will a curved end link bracelet be available?

  2. Oliver says:

    Hi strapcode, the Classic Vintage Knitted Superfine Wire Mesh Band has a push pin hole diamiter smaller than the original 2,5mm. Will there be a version which fits to the original push pins beside the shark mesh bands?

    1. strapcode says:

      Hi Oliver, I’m afraid we don’t have at this moment.

  3. Mark says:

    Dear Sir

    Do you ship to Singapore?
    Can the 20mm Angus Jubilee bracelet fit the Seiko Turtle Mini?

    Thank you.

    1. strapcode says:

      We ship worldwide.
      You may consider 20mm straight end Angus jubilee bracelet on Seiko Mini Turtle.

  4. Matt says:

    Please release curve end link endmill bracelet for baby turtle, waiting for months now.

  5. Frank Watts says:

    Hi from Florida USA. I, like others, need a curved end Militat SS Oyster for my SRPC41 mini turtle. Any update of this excellent quality bracelet. My mini turtle is sad because strapcode has not released the item? Frank

    1. Sam says:

      Hi there. According to our schedule….curved end bracelets for the mini turtles will be around sometime closer to December.. thanks!

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