The all-black style of the Seiko Black Series: New Turtle SRPC49K1

W_Seiko-Black-Turtle-SRPC49K1-1Last week, we have introduced the The limited edition Seiko Black Series. It consists of two solar-powered quartz models – a time and date and a chronograph – and the model that many of you are really interested in, an automatic Turtle with day/date, the Seiko Watch Prospex Sea Black Series Limited Edition New Turtle SRPC49K1. Let’s start by looking at the Seiko Black Series New Turtle.

W_Seiko-Black-Turtle-SRPC49K1-4The black series with a watch case fully protected by a hard black coating. As with the other Turtle reissues, the movement inside is Seiko’s 4r36 caliber that beats at 21,600 bph and has a power reserve of 41 hours. A gloss finish screw-down crown is recessed at the four o’clock position. It also offers a unidirectional bezel, screw down crown and 200m of water resistance.

W_Seiko-Black-Turtle-SRPC49K1-2The day/date is displayed at three o’clock. A great legibility of the orange minute hand. It certainly makes for a visually appealing.

There are 3 MiLTAT PVD Black bracelets for the Seiko Black Series New Turtle SRPC49K. Super Oyster, Angus Jubilee and Endmill. The Super Oyster bracelet is available now. Please stay tuned for the Angus Jubilee and Endmill bracelets.

W_SS221805BBK047_grp-Seiko-Black-Turtle-SRPC49K1W_SS221805BBK047_Seiko-Black-Turtle-SRPC49K122mm Super 3D Oyster 316L Stainless Steel Watch Bracelet for Seiko New Turtles SRPC49K1,  4 options of buckles : Submariner Clasp : SS221805BBK047 , Wetsuit Ratchet Buckle : SS221817BBK047, Button Chamfer Clasp : SS221819BBK047, V-Clasp  : SS221820BBK047

W_22B22EBU57C2G04-XX_grp-Seiko-Black-Turtle-SRPC49K1[Left] 22mm MiLTAT WW2 2-piece Military Grey Washed Canvas Watch Band with lockstitch round hole, Sandblasted [22B22EBU57C2G04-XX

Pick out this washed & weathered look canvas in stylish military color. Reinforced lockstitch round holes to extend durability of the watch strap.

[Right] 22mm Two Piece WW2 G10 Black 3D Nylon, IP Bronze Buckle [22B22KBU57N9A48-XX]

WW2 G10 3D Nylon Collection, tight up with two 316L stainless steel rings with ‘Arrow End’ feature. These two pieces military watch strap made from double layered nylon; top layer is high density 3D woven nylon and bottom layer is standard G10 nylon. 3D woven nylon has obvious protruding texture, was softened by putting together with G10 nylon to enable comfortability. Nylon is cut and simultaneously sealed using ultrasonic knives to prevent fraying.

W_22P20DBU57C1A72-XX_grp-Seiko-Black-Turtle-SRPC49K1[Left] 22mm MiLTAT Black Genuine Calf Leather Watch Strap, Beige Stitching, PVD Black Buckle [22P20DBU57C1A72-XX]

This vintage looks Italian leather watch band featured in cut strap with stitching at lug end and tip of strap. Matte clear edge lacquer strong sealant was applied, to lower the risk of cracking and peeling when cured with no disturb on the simplicity of design. Luxury leather watch band like this one is using the same top layer leather as lining too.

[Right] 22mm MiLTAT Dark Brown Genuine Nubuck Leather Watch Strap, Beige Stitching, PVD Buckle [22P20DBU57S6C41-XX]

This Italian nubuck leather watch band have rubbed surface, giving out a touch similar to suede but more strong. Vintage mood strongly enhanced by gradually diffused smoky effect, created by free hand painted black edge lacquer sealant.

W_CB08A-22A20BZZ_grp-Seiko-Black-Turtle-SRPC49K1[Left] 22mm Crafter Blue – Black Rubber Curved Lug Watch Band for Seiko Turtle SRP777

[Right] 22mm Crafter Blue – Orange Rubber Curved Lug Watch Band for Seiko Turtle SRP777 [CB08J-22A20BZZ]

These two NBR rubber watch bands with a curved solid end piece perfectly fit Seiko New Turtle Prospex 200m Divers SRP777, SRP779, SRP775 and SRP773 models, etc. NBR rubber has superior strength and more resistant than natural rubber to oils and acids. Material has met the RoHS requirements and rarely causes severe allergic reaction.

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