8 Affordable New Seiko Mechanical watches to COOL your 2018 Summer!

When it comes to wristwatches, Seiko is the brand to go for when you want recognizable quality that stands for cool masculine energy. But due to Seiko’s long history in its craft, people often confuse it for being available only for those who don’t mind the budget. That’s why people often opt for less quality wristwatches and sacrifice both quality and aesthetics, which is wrong, because our research resulted in some really cool and affordable new Seiko pieces. So, as Prince’s song would say: You don’t have to be rich… You don’t have to break the bank to own a super-cool summer watch.

Here is 8 affordable new Seiko mechanical wristwatches to help you catch up with all your chores like a pro and still not miss the fun this summer.

In the category of 20 mm wide watchbands, for those who like more freedom around the wrist, I’ll mention Seiko 5 Sport automatic series of wristwatches. This series has affordable 3 models worth mentioning, those being: Seiko 5 SRPC63, Seiko 5 SRPC65 and Seiko 5 SRPC67.

Seiko 5 SRPC63, Seiko 5 SRPC67, Seiko 5 SRPC65 (with our G10 Military NATO Watch Strap, Waffle Nylon Armband)
Seiko 5 Sports SRPC63 perfectly fits any occasion

Seiko 5 SRPC63 aka Seiko 5 Sports SRPC63 Blue Dial 4R36 Automatic Mens Watch is one of those light wristwatches that you’ll forget that you have them on your hand.

In the picture above you can see how it fits our MiLTAT 20mm G10 Military NATO Watch Strap, Waffle Nylon Armband, Brushed – Matte Black (store code: 20A20BZZ00N1A58 ), where as on the picture on the right you can see its basic watch strap.

It kind of compliments any style and is definitely one of the watches you can be proud of to wear every day in any situation. Combining it with custom watch straps adds more to its charm, above and under water, since its water resistant up to 200 m. Check more features and grab yours here.

SEIKO 5 Sports SRPC65 is as powerful and as cool as the other wristwatches in the Sport series

Model Seiko 5 SRPC65, in our case Seiko 5 Sports SRPC65 Bluish Green Dial 4R36 comes as more accentuated version of the previously mentioned Seiko 5 SRPC63 with its dial associating to the sea depths, for those seeking a bit more impact at the first sight. This automatic black mens watch has our MiLTAT 20mm G10 Military NATO Watch Strap, Waffle Nylon Armband, PVD – Military Green ( store code: 20A20DZZ00N1F16 ) in the showcase picture above but it’s basic version comes with stainless steel watch strap (picture on the right).

This model, however is no less or more better than the previous one, as the whole Sport series has quite the same features when it comes to the performance.

It is just a matter of taste and style, when it comes to choosing your favorite that you’ll proudly wear this summer.


Seiko 5 SRPC67 fits almost any NATO watch band

The third model from this series worth mentioning is Seiko 5 SRPC67 or, as it is called in its full specification: Seiko 5 Sports SRPC67 Black Dial 4R36 Automatic Black Mens Watch, which can be seen on the NATO strap MiLTAT 20mm G10 Military NATO Watch Strap, Waffle Nylon Armband, PVD – Military Grey (store code: 20A20DZZ00N1G10 ) on the showcase picture above.


On the picture on the right, it is strapped with another NATO band just to showcase the chameleon side of this model. Its black dial just fits almost any watch band you can decide to wear, which makes it more playful than the previous two. Perfect for men who like to pay attention to details.

Another Seiko series that caught our eye and still fits into affordable category are Mini Turtles. Our pick are models Seiko Mini Turtle SRPC41 and Seiko Mini Turtle SRPC42.

Charming even in their basic edition, when you add a touch of personality to them by tying them with NATO straps to your wrist, they both become gadgets calling for adventure time.

See for yourself on the picture below, where Seiko Mini Turtle SRPC41 aka Seiko Mini-Turtle Prospex Automatic Dive Watch SRPC41K1 (PADI Edition) Pepsi Bezel is featured with mind-blowing 20mm MiLTAT RAF N7 Nato Watch Strap, Navy Blue and Grey, PVD Black Ladder Lock Slider Buckle (for those interested, the store code is: 20A20DBU59N7P51 ).


It just kind of says: Adventure boy, where are we headed next, doesn’t it? 



Classic, powerful and ever-charming Seiko Mini Turtle SRPC42

When it comes to Seiko Mini Turtle SRPC42, this magnificent Seiko Mini-Turtle Prospex Automatic Dive Watch with Black Dial SRPC37K1 has no limits when it comes to combinations with styles and occassions.


Because of its accent on simplicity while keeping the same feature as previously mentioned SRPC41, this may be a better choice for those who prefer the classic style.

While combining this watch with a custom strap is up to your tastes, in these series this one is the chameleon and up to any adventures you may plan, because however simple this one may look at the first sight it is still one quite powerful divers watch.


Hint: Try strapping it with 20mm Endmill Solid 316L Stainless Steel Watch Bracelet, Straight End, V-Clasp Button Double Lock (our store code: SS201820B030S) as showcased on the picture below.


Now we come to the more robust series with wider 22 mm watch straps for those who like a bit bolder looking timepieces. You just can’t go wrong with Seiko Recraft series here and we’ve picked three astonishing and still affordable models: Seiko Recraft SRPC13 Blue, Seiko Recraft SRPC15 Black and Seiko Recraft SRPC16 Gold.



Seiko Recraft SRPC13 Blue Cushion Case 4R36-06G0 with its original Seiko watch band


The first two models are showcased on the picture above, with our custom watch bands. Seiko Recraft SRPC13 Blue Cushion Case 4R36-06G0 is here paired with 22mm Classic Vintage Knitted Superfine Wire Mesh Band, Brushed (store code: MB2220FYB041-XX).


But if you look at its picture on the right, his classic watch band doesn’t look any less stylish. As each of other models, it features 4R36 automatic movement and comes in stainless steel case.

Even though this is limited edition, it is not a diver’s watch, but it is water resistant up to 100 m. Quite enough for a man into some juicy summer adventures, wouldn’t you say?

The original look of Seiko Recraft SRPC15 Black
The second model showcased on the picture above, right besides it, is Seiko Recraft SRPC15K1 Black Cushion Case 4R36-06G0 paired with our super-classy 22mm Classic Vintage Knitted Superfine Wire Mesh Band, PVD Black (store code: MB2220FYBBK041 ).

Basically, this model features all the good stuff as the rest of the Recraft series but it’s the most classic looking of them all, which, again, gives you endless possibilities when it comes to combination. Fitting any social situation and any adventure your summer may hold, this model is the one you can’t go wrong with.


The last but certainly not the least is the third model we picked in Seiko Recraft series with steel mesh watch band. Showcased on the picture below Seiko Recraft SRPC16K1 Gold Cushion Case 4R36-06G0 comes with our 22mm ANGUS Jubilee 316L Stainless Steel Watch Bracelet Straight End 1.8 Universal Ver., Two Tone IP Gold Button Chamfer which gives it the most luxurious look, so if you want one for yourself, make sure you enter store code: SS221819PGD059S to grab it.


Seiko Recraft SRPC16 Gold with its original Seiko watch band

But Seiko Recraft SRPC16 Gold is exactly what its name says. It certainly looks the most expensive in this price class, so if you’re into luxurious look without breaking the bank, we’d say go for it.

As the previously mentioned model in Recraft series, it comes with leather wristband which may not be the best choice for hot summer days. Our opt for this model was the steel mesh watch band but the options are countless.

Maybe it is best to ask yourself: How do you want your summer to look like? And then head to our store and pick exactly the watch strap that fits that description. That way you’ll have a mental reminder on your summer goals whenever you take a look at your wristwatch. Plus, if you pick any of proposed wristwatches here, it will surely be a great one!

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Written by M.H.
Photo by Toni
@strapcode team

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