Black PVD Coating on your wristwatch – worthy and long lasting?

When it comes to coolness, black is always a winner since it associates on class, style and luxury. But when it comes to black PVD coating on your wristwatch, some may wonder does it really add to longevity as it certainly adds to the price. Let’s check it out.

As you may already know, PVD aka physical vapor deposition signifies several deposition ways to produce durable coatings in many of areas of human efforts such as: watches, optics, aerospace, automotive and firearms. It is mostly used to improve the durability and the resistance of various parts and units to many influences such as oxidation, shocks or time. Besides, it also has a decorative use, as it can change the color of stainless steel and many other metals by using different gases in the processes. But how practically important is it for your watch?

Depends on what kind of watch you’re wearing.


Seiko Prospex PADI Special Edition SPB071J1 Divers 200m Re-interpretation version of 62MAS with 20mm Ploprof 316 Reform Stainless Steel “SHARK” Mesh Watch Band, Submariner Diver Clasp, PVD that is approximately 4mm thick and smoothly bends around your wrist [DA202005BK005BK]

For example, take a look at our showcase pictures. If your interest in accessories doesn’t go much further than $50 watch, then digging into PVD coating is probably not worth your time, especially your investment, simply stated, because the longevity won’t be your main priority. If, on the other hand, you like to own your favorite things for a long time, then reading this article is a sign you’re waiting for.

Seiko Solar Prospex Scuba Diver SBDN029 “FREEMANS SPORTING CLUB” limited models (model: Seiko Solar FSC SBDN029) paired with 22mm Solid 316L Stainless Steel Endmill Metal Watch Bracelet, Straight End, PVD Black. [SS221803BBK033S]
You see, PVD coating, kind of vaporizes the surface of various metals and makes a special, protective layer on them. This layer is much more durable and resistant than the metals or alloys itself, which is especially important to the owners of watches made for specific purposes, such as divers watches for example. I mean, dump any metal in salted water for a while, add pressure and tiny living organisms to it and you won’t be able to recognize it after a short time. That’s exactly where PVD coating jumps in. But that’s only a part of the answer to the question…


See our 22mm Hexad Oyster for Seiko Samurai SRPB51, SRPB55, Submariner Clasp PVD paired [SS221805BBK066] with magnificent Seiko Samurai Prospex Automatic Dive Watch SRPB51 (model: Seiko Samurai SRPB51)
The process of PVD can be quite expensive, so many people wonder is there a cheaper coating method that serves the same purpose and is investing in a PVD coated equipment really worth the cost? Well, depends on what you want. Because, as the old saying says: “If you don’t know what is good, seek the expensive”.


Seiko New Turtle Prospex SRPC44 Diver Goldtone Case (model: Seiko SRPC44 Gold Turtle) luxurious fit to our 22mm Super 3D Oyster for Seiko SRPC49K1, Wetsuit Ratchet PVD [SS221817BBK047]
There may be cheaper and yet decent coating options, but if you’re really an owner of, let’s say, one of the watches from Seiko PADI or Seiko Stargate series, you really don’t want to wear it with super cheap watch band, do you? You’d want yours to be durable and reliable in any kind of environment. Plus, if you want it to be good-looking too, the PVD coating will also deliver. Take a look for yourself.


Seiko Black Turtle model SRPC49K1 (Seiko Watch Prospex Sea Black Series Limited Edition New Turtle SRPC49K1) becoming timeless with our
22mm ANGUS Jubilee 316L Stainless Steel Watch Bracelet for Seiko Turtle SRPC49K1, PVD Black, Wetsuit Ratchet Buck [SS221817BBK063]
It is also possible to add PVD coating to your strap band or watch additionally but this process may be a lot more expensive in more than one way. For example, doing it on your own on your watch certainly ruins the manufacturers guarantee so you probably don’t want to do that. And, doing it on your strap band is certainly too expensive as it is more affordable (and simpler!) to just buy black PVD watch strap.


22mm Super Engineer II Wetsuit Ratchet Buckle, PVD [SS222217BBK024] making Seiko Superior Limited Edition Stargate II SRP510 Gold Tone Diver even more durable
So the answer to the question if the PVD is long lasting is definitely yes, but it may not be the best choice for the lovers of the cheap class of watches as it is made to stand the tests of time and other influences especially in cases like, for example, you own Seiko watches from the limited series etc.

In the end, timeless takes time – and time is, well, money.

TAG Heuer CAW211M.FC6324 Monaco Calibre 12 Automatic Chronograph Watch tied to super-cool 22mm Super Jubilee Straight End, Diver Clasp PVD [SS221803BBK020S]

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Written by M.H.
Photo by Toni
@strapcode team

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