Who’s the Lead of Orient 2018 Collection?

It is a well-known fact that Orient Watches USA has a strong collection when it comes to Diver watches. Picking just one was always a tough decision since every of them is a unique, charming timepiece. But there’s one that brings the best in all of them – from Ray to the Pro Saturation Diver – a new Orient Triton (fully specified as Orient RA-EL0001B00B Men Triton Black Dial Power Reserve Automatic Dive Watch).


And it’s not just that this awesome fella has the looks – it also has “the brains” and the powers of all his predecessors. Powered by the Orient caliber 40N5A automatic mechanical movement, which also runs the Pro Saturation Diver, Triton features the date and power reserve displays as other Orient watches in their Diver line. But, since its charm is in the details, the fans of Orient will be absolutely delighted with its design.


The hour markers are exactly the same as on its predecessor Ray, which dominated the divers line for quite some time, while its steel hands are just slightly different from those on famous Pro Saturation Diver.


Made from Stainless steel with elegant engravings on its back and its crown, its wonderfully polished outside magnificently contrasts its matte black dial, arms and hour markers for supreme visibility in any circumstances. As Triton is classified as class 1 divers watch by Japanese Industrial Standard, it is only normal that it features Sapphire glass with AR coating.


Minding the fact that it can handle almost any depth, we’re sure that Triton is the absolute leader in Orient’s 2018 collection. Even if it comes with a comfortable bracelet, what caught our eyes is that it may look too basic for such a champion. That’s why we combined it with a few of our great watch straps to add a bit more character to its appearance.

Grab your camouflage Grezzo Zulu watch strap here: 22H22DBU55N5T06 and if you prefer more classic look, pick the black one: 22P22DBU55N5A01

The picture above features Orient RA-EL0001B Triton combined with our Grezzo Zulu watch straps. The MiLTAT Grezzo SQ line is made of durable raw Italian leather and comes in 2 widths. Just make sure you choose 22mm for this wonderful Orient automatic watch. Three round square rings will make sure that they give you the same security and even better fit than its original bracelet. If you’re more of an adventurer, we recommend 22mm MiLTAT Grezzo SQ ZULU Watch Strap Woodland Camouflage Geniune Calf, PVD and if you prefer more classic style 22mm MiLTAT G10 Grezzo Zulu watch strap Black BK will match any outfit.

Triton matched with 22mm MiLTAT Italian Handmade Hornback Alligator Matte Black Watch Strap [22B18PBU63A1A75-XX]
If you’d like to add more wild touch to this magnificent timepiece, then we recommend pairing it up with 22mm MiLTAT Italian Handmade Hornback Alligator Matte Black Watch Strap [22B18PBU63A1A75-XX] as it turns it into a wild animal because of it bony look. This strap is 100% handcrafted in Italy from genuine Mississippians Hornback Alligator. Rawr!

Wanna copy this look? Pair Triton with 22mm Italian Handmade Bund Military Style Double-layer Watch Strap, Dark Brown [22B20PBU54C1C44]
22mm Italian Handmade Bund Military Style Double-layer Watch Strap, Dark Brown
[22B20PBU54C1C44] features base pad for additional comfort and looks super-cool. It is made from genuine Tuscan leather and handcrafted in Italy. It is also tanned in natural ways without any chemicals. If you prefer macho look, we’d say go for this one.


If you want your Triton to wear military clothes then seek for the watch strap under code: [22B22DBR01N9I07] in our store For those more into military look, 22mm MiLTAT Honeycomb Military Green Nylon Velcro Fastener Watch Strap, PVD Black Stainless Buckle [22B22DBR01N9I07] adds a touch of toughness to already powerful Triton. Made of special nylon by 3D weaving techique, it features tactical Velcro hook-and-loop for easy handling. It will surely come in hand in your tactical adventures.


Prefering casual look? Seek bracelet coded [22B22EBR01N9M05] in our storeAnd last, but surely not the least, the combination of Triton and 22mm MiLTAT Black & White Stripes 3-D Nylon Velcro Fastener Watch Strap, Sandblasted Buckle
[22B22EBR01N9M05] adds something marvelously casual to its wearer’s look. This watch strap has all the features of the previously mentioned military one, but kind of gives more sport-ish and more relaxed feel to it. Plus, it fits spectacularly with the Triton’s design.

So, what does your Triton wear into your next adventure?

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Written by M.H.
Photo by Toni
@strapcode team

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  1. Lots of cool options! Hopefully you’ll have some bracelet options down the road!

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