Watch bands with straight end links – How to keep the simplicity & the looks

If you’re one of the adventure spirits who just can’t settle having the same watch strap for a lifetime of your favorite watch, then you’ve probably come to the point where you wondered how to pick the right strap to change the fabric one. Since the most of the watches have the curved case, most of the stock strap bands come with the curved end links to fill in the gaps between the watch case and the strap.

Seiko Prospex Marine Master Darth Tuna Professional 1000m Diver Quartz SBBN013 (Seiko-Tuna-SBBN013) with (22J18PBU63A1D24) left, Seiko Marine Master Professional 1000M SBBN029 (Seiko-Tuna-SBBN029) with (22B18PBU63A1G15) on the right


But, when it comes to curved end links, in the last few years many people prefer to buy watches with the hidden lugs, whose links are hidden beneath their case. This not only hides the gap between the watch and the bracelet but gives you plenty of options when it comes to combining your watch with custom strap bands.

The hidden lug lies beneath the watch case

These, so called straight lug watches, or watches with the hidden lug have the option which allows you to perfectly match them even with straight end link watch bands. That means that there’s no gap left between the watch case and the watch band or at least it isn’t visible from the outside, no matter which link you choose.

Ordinary straight end links

Therefore, the link is as firm as the one with the stock strap band. That means you can pair these watches with basically any watch band with straight end links and need only to match the width of the bracelet with the one on your watch. That not only minimizes the amount of work you need to put in to swap the watch bands – but it also means that you don’t need to worry about the fit anymore as you would with curved end links.

Look at it this way – this is like owning a watch with both curved and straight end link option, with the possibility of making your watch fit any outfit by matching it with the desired strap band and without losing anything on the aesthetic side.

Take a closer look at our pictures to see some of the watches from Seiko’s Recraft and Tuna series showcased with some of the best watch straps with straight end links. Most of these watchbands come in standard width options so you only need to know your watch link width.

Marine Master watches with hidden lugs from Seiko Tuna series matched with our strap bands with straight end links

The picture above showcases Seiko 50th Anniversary Diver Prospex Marine Master Automatic SBDX016 (Seiko-Tuna-SBDX016) with 21.5mm Super Engineer II Solid Stainless Steel Watch Band for Seiko Tuna, Button Chamfer Diver Clasp Brushed (SS212219B034) on the far left. Then, in the middle, we have magnificent Seiko Marine Master Professional 1000M SBBN029 with 21.5mm Super Oyster Brushed & Polished 316L Stainless Steel Watch Band for Seiko Tuna, Diver Clasp (SS211803BPS044). The far right shows us how Seiko Prospex Marine Master Darth Tuna Professional 1000m Diver Quartz SBBN013 looks with 22mm Hexad Oyster 316L Stainless Steel Watch Band Straight Lug, V-Clasp Button Double Lock, PVD Black (SS221820BBK042S).

But let’s not stop at classic look. Here’s something for those who feel young and in for something more bold:

Seiko Prospex Marine Master 600m Spring Drive SBDB009 (Seiko-Tuna-SBDB009) on 22mm Crafter Blue – Straight Lug Orange Rubber Watch Band (CB01J-22A20BZZ)

Plus, classic doesn’t have to be boring. The next picture clearly showcases that.

Seiko PADI Marinemaster Tuna Professional 300M Diver Quartz SBBN039 Limited 700 pcs. (Seiko-Tuna-PADI-SBBN039) with 22mm Hexad Oyster 316L Stainless Steel Watch Band Straight Lug, Button Chamfer Clasp Brushed (SS221819B040S)

As well as the next one.

Seek watch strap under the code: SS222203BBK024 to copy this look for your Seiko Baby Tuna Prospex Divers Automatic Men’s Watch SRPA82K1

We don’t stop here.

Choose strap band code: SS222217BBK024-XX if you want your Seiko Prospex 200m Diver Tuna Limited Edition Automatic Watch SRPA99K1 to look like this

Here’s something with cool retro feel just to intrigue you enough to never settle with the ordinary and remind you to always be unique.

3 models from Seiko Recraft series matched with 22mm MiLTAT Italian Handmade Racer Vintage strap bands in 3 different colors

Because you are unique. 

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Written by M.H.
Photo by Toni
@strapcode team

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