Seiko SARB033, SARB035 Twin watches are Now on Angus Jubilee!

For a man who has great concern on wrist-wear fashion, which classy timepiece would immediately comes to head?  Seiko SARB033 & SARB035? Well, they are undoubtedly the products that interest watch lovers and regularly appear on various social media platforms, top 10 list, etc. Both watches coming in at modest size (38mm wide and 11mm thick), and having a well-reputation are adaptable in almost every situation.


The Black SARB033 and the off-white SARB035 are the modern mechanical watches fall in Japanese domestic market. The outer edge is polished and the lug hoods are satin brushed. While the side of the case also features two beveled edges, giving the case a unique shape.

In the meantime, we have received many of your WISHLIST that craving for an Angus Jubilee bracelet for this 2 twins model. It is now down to earth! Spice up your summer outfit by wearing Seiko SARB033/SARB035 matching with the new Angus Jubilee bracelet, even small details can make your outfit pop!


The Angus Jubilee with curved solid end pieces perfectly fit on these 2 watches. The lug of this watch bracelet is 20mm and tapered into 18mm buckle size. But noted that SARB033 and SARB035 may not be sized exactly the same or exhibit slight un-alignment, so they have their own designated bracelet model.


Substantially and sturdiness are the crucial features of the new Angus Jubilee. All links composed by scaled up solid 316L stainless steel beads and well-built precise screws.

20mm ANGUS Jubilee 316L Stainless Steel Watch Bracelet for Seiko SARB033, Brushed, Button Chamfer [SS201819B067] demo on Seiko SARB033 Mechanical Automatic Black Dial Watch
20mm ANGUS Jubilee 316L Stainless Steel Watch Bracelet for Seiko SARB035, Brushed, Button Chamfer [SS201819B077] demo on Seiko SARB035 Mechanical Automatic Ivory Dial Watch

There’re more for you! 4 different buckles in 20mm ANGUS Jubilee Bracelet for Seiko SARB033 & SARB035

The SARB033 & SARB035 Twin watches are nice piece, Strap on the new Augus Jubilee would be a hit with casuals. But How’s the upgraded Angus Jubilee differ from the original Super Jubilee? Head on HERE to see the difference!

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Written by Ann
Photo by Toni
@strapcode team

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