Back to the Old school Tapered Classic Mesh bands


Does anyone know when the first Mesh watch band was ever introduced in the watch world? As a kid growing up, I can vaguely remember the stories my grandparents told me about their childhood, how they were different from us now, and stories like the first watch they bought with their first pay cheque.  I can remember the watch being gold, matched with a thin mesh watch band.   Some people may of knew about Mesh watch bands through the Omega Ploprof 600 Divers Watch, but in fact classic Mesh bands have been around much longer.  With the two IP Gold & PVD deposition method available in society, it just makes it that much harder for people when deciding on which bracelet to match with which watch.


[MB2018FYPGD041] Super Fine Gold plated

There’s really no need to introduce the Gold Turtle as it is one of the quick rising Seiko turtle series watch out there right now.  Whether you match it with an all Gold bracelet, or an all black bracelet,  it just simply makes look that much better.



Seriously, if this post wasn’t specifically talking about mesh bracelets, I would think this would be the original bracelet for the 7C46-6010 watch.  For a straight end bracelet, it sure fits nice and tight with the model watch.



Many watch enthusiasts must be thankful for the PVD method as matching your watch with a black bracelet is practically considered as common sense.


MB2016FYB043 Brushed ,  MB2016FYPGD043 Gold Plated

As mentioned before, mesh bands have been around decades and its only going to continue to stay that way for a while. Being able to swap different color mesh bands with different watches make it that much more enjoyable all the watch collectors out there.

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Written by Sammy

Photo by Toni

@strapcode team

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