Seiko Black Turtles SBDY004 &SRPC49 Are In The House


As soon as you hear about a limited edition watch being released, or a Japanese exclusive edition watch being introduced, next thing that comes to your mind must be, “uh oh”, how much is it going to cost now? However, with Seiko, that’s not always the case.  Let’s talk about one of Seiko’s Black Series watch that was released early this year, the SRPC49, also known as the “Ninja Turtle”.  The SRPC49, being fully covered by a hard black coating, and with its bright orange minute hand that shines out from the dark along with Seiko’s unique lumibrite to ensure reliable visibility, this brings night diving to a whole new level.  Next, we have Seiko’s Japanese edition of the black turtle automatic Gold ring watch, SBDY004, which is basically a Seiko Turtle with black case and gold accents. It is interesting to note that the minute hand has a gold outline while the hour hand has a black outline. The second hand has a mixture of gold and black colors. Both of these fabulous timepieces can be picked up for less than 500 euros each.


Don’t think many of you would disagree that Nato straps pretty much go with everything and they certainly are on my top of the list of favorite straps.


Is it only me or does the Mesh bands really matches well with these two watches.  Perhaps its the color?


With a 45mm black & Black/Gold body frame, it’s a no brainer that pairing these two up with PVD bracelets are a must.


Its simple to say that the two Seiko SRPC49 & Seiko SBDY004 watches are absolutely amazing, affordable, and can easily be used for all sorts of occasions.  Whether you use it for daily wear, special occasions, or even a night dive, these are easily recommended.

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Written by Sammy
Photo by Toni
@strapcode team

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