2018 CYBER SALES – Studio Used Goods

It’s closing to the end of the year, is time for everyone to clean and clear some room preparing for the New Year.  What better idea to then have a sales event for our beloved customers? We now announce the “96hours – Studio Used Items clearance sales”,

SALES start on Friday, Nov 23

US EST time – 10am

These are the studios’ used items, barely used and in a presentable condition. Most of them were only used in several of our photos shoots.  You’ll be surprised what we have in here and trying to get rid of it.


You can pick one to enjoy 10% discount, however, if you pick two or more additional 20% discounts will be given to you.   Over the course of four days – 96 hours, we will have a variety of “studio-used” straps up for sale when you can find the list updated over the duration of the short campaign.

*Please note that all sales are FINAL with NO exchange and/or return.*

Sales apply on all items under “2018 Cyber Sales collection”

 Buy 1 – 10% off

Buy 2 get Additional 20%off

View the SALES >> HERE

Here are the specific times for our customers from around the globe:

  • at US EST time – 10am
  • at UK time – 3pm
  • at HK – 11pm

New Sales items will be added Every 24 Hours!!

  • Day 1 : 23 Nov,2018 (Fri)
  • Day 2 : 24 Nov,2018 (Sat)
  • Day 3 : 25 Nov,2018 (Sun)
  • Day 4 : 26 Nov,2018 (Mon)

Sales End date : 11/27 US EST time – 10am

Very limited stock ONLY**Grab one before they’re gone!!!

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