Seiko Dream Square 2019

First Floor Museum
Ginza Wako clock tower, based on one of Ginza’s landmarks

What goes through your mind when you hear the word “Japan”? Besides the obvious like sushi, sake, or green tea. A video gamer would probably say Sony Playstation. A car fanatic would perhaps say Honda or Toyota, depending what car they drive.

Prospex- Second Floor

How about if you were to ask a group of watch enthusiasts what goes through their mind when they hear the word “Japan”, pretty sure more than half of the people in the group would say “Seiko”.

Presage- Third Floor

Good news for all the watch fanatics out there, the Seiko Watch Corporation has recently opened an interactive hub right in the center of the Ginza district in Tokyo, where it allows the visitors to “look, feel and experience” about its watchmaking heritage which started back in the Year of 1881.

Square Navigator

Throughout the entire building, you can obtain all sorts of product information from the tablet terminals which are located at the counter on each floor. An awesome feature is that it allows you to create your own page with only the information that interests you.

Lukia- Third Floor

The Seiko Dream Square is made up of four floors and each has its own uniqueness. It’s a museum on the first floor with a symbolic look of Wako clock tower’s interior, which is a historic symbol of Seiko and a also proud landmark of Ginza in which Seiko founder Kintaro Hattori placed its headquarters.

Astron- Fourth Floor

As for the rest of the other floors, visitors are able to purchase some of Seiko’s leading collections, Prospex, Presage, Lukia, and Astron, with each displayed in a “refined setting” based on the particular brand’s unique identity. If you ever get the chance to go to Tokyo, Seiko Dream Square is definitely one of the places you should consider to visit.

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Written by Sam

Photo by Toni

@strapcode team

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