GUNNY Straps & MiLTAT Collides

While we were focusing on various custom fitted bracelet designs for the 1680 submariner for Rolex, Seiko 62 MAS, and of course our beloved Seiko SKX 007, we realized we’ve paid less attention to our leather bracelet collections.

20mm Gunny X MT Dark Brown Handmade Quick Release Leather Watch Strap One-piece, Turning Clasp

Strapcode is pleased to announce an upcoming collaboration project with a world class custom handmade leather strap specialist, Peter Gunny from “Gunny Straps”.  With an insane amount of top tier custom bracelets that Gunny Straps has to offer, design team from Strapcode had to narrow down the selections and the final decision was to go with two of Gunny Straps most recognized collections, the “74” & “Snoopy” series.

The collaboration project with Gunny Straps gave Strapcode an opportunity to introduce their very own quick release speed pins.  The project will feature a collection of leather straps in 20mm, 21mm, 22mm, 24mm, as well as a tailor made fitting for the latest Apple watch. 

You can change your watch strap in a flash with Strapcode’s new quick release watch straps.  Having the cylindrical push button on one side for quick and easy installation and removal process can save plenty of time.

21mm Gunny X MT ’74’ Light Brown Handmade Quick Release Leather Watch Strap

Not only that, design team from Strapcode decided to add a quick release spring bar which adds the benefit of having a double flange on one side in case there was a need to use a spring bar in any given circumstances. 

With various styles and color combinations there are available from the Strapcode X Gunny Straps collaboration project, you will be able to change your watch straps as often as changing a shirt or a tie to match your look for the day.


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Written by Sam

Photo by Toni

@strapcode team

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