Which Watch Buckle Suits You Best?

Buckles are a key essential to add to the final touch when you are trying to pair with that particular watch and strap that you decide on. These small details are often overlooked. However, knowing what type of clasp to have on your watch should be just as important as choosing features and designs.

22mm Stainless Steel 316L Screw-in Buckle IWC Style Retro Raw Finish

Knowing what type of watch buckle you have on your timepiece will help you determine which model is best for you. Its best to know the buckles that are available today and to find out which ones are suited and commonly used when pairing with the type of watch. Its safe to say that buckles go hand in hand with leather straps.

20mm, 22mm Top Quality Stainless Steel 316L Spring Bar type Buckle

What are things you would look for in a buckle when trying to pair with your watch and our Strapcode watch bands? The color, finish, size, design/type, comfortability, and of course the cost of it. The following are a list of popular and commonly used buckles & clasps today.

24mm High Quality 316L Stainless Steel Screw-in 6mm Tongue Sandblasted

Screw In Buckles- These screw in buckles are heavier duty buckles than your normal spring bar buckles. IWC inspired design buckles that are very stylish, various colors and finishes to choose from. The buckle is held together by a screw bar to allow for easy changing.

Perlon ladder lock buckle- Top quality 316L stainless steel buckle specifically design to use on Perlon & Nato straps. Wavy shaped designed to help strap to easily pass through. Available in brushed, polished, and pvd.

Classic TANG Buckles

Tang buckles- Are similar to a traditional men’s belt buckle. It will often leave a crease on the strap. Tang buckles are designed as classic belt buckles with a metal loop and pin. The tail end of the strap has holes in small increments, where the strap is then threaded through the buckle and the pin is pushed through the corresponding hole for a good fit.

Sporty Tang Buckle for Leather Watch Strap

Sporty Tang Buckles- Are much similar to the standard tang buckles. Pins are slightly thinner when comparing with the classic tang buckles.

18mm Roller Deployment Buckle / Deployant Clasp for Leather Watch Strap

As mentioned before, buckles play an important role and certainly helps to add the final touches to your watch. Remember,  when choosing a watch buckle, or a clasp for your watch band, it is important to measure the width of the end of the watch band that will be attached to the clasp.


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Written by Sam

Photo by Toni

@strapcode team

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