The 1st Changeable Casio G-SHOCK DWE-5600CC-3


Casio recently updated its DW-5600 series of G-SHOCK watches with a new DWE-5600CC-3 circuit board camo design. The DWE-5600CC-3 is the newest model from the 5600 series, inheriting the epic square shape of the first G-SHOCK.


While the bezel is usually fixed to the case with screws, the DWE-5600CC-3 employs a new design secured by using four small hooks made from carbon fiber. The DWE-5600CC is the first G-SHOCK to feature freely interchangeable bands and bezels.


The boxset includes three types of interchangeable bands and two bezels. The DWE-5600CC-3 is also the first 5600 series model to incorporate the Carbon Core Guard structure with a carbon fiber-reinforced case for shock resistance.

In terms of design, the dial printing uses camouflage patterns to print out the circuit board images used in the 5600 series. The camouflage pattern is printed on the matte translucent dark green of the strap and bezel.


Included accessories are a matte black resin bezel and a band imprinted with the numerals “3229” representing the module designation for the 5600 series. Also included is a fabric band with a luminescent and reflective finish, which is imprinted with a circuit board design in black and white. Users will be delighted when they lift off the bezel to reveal the “SHOCK RESIST” logo visible from the side of the case.


The Casio G-SHOCK DW-5600 series continues to evolve since the launch of the model in 1987, adapting to the ever-changing demands of technology – all while retaining its traditional square face design.


Since then, improvements have been made to the functionality, quality, graphics and design of the DW-5600. The introduction of color resin in 1992 meant that the watch was no longer confined to its traditional black colorway, giving customers greater variety to choose from. With the list price at 380.00USD, you can pick up the CASIO G-SHOCK DWE-5600CC-3, along with the two bezels and straps to swap with.

Video from YouTube: Gsyoku

Case / bezel material: Carbon / Resin 
Accompanied attached band
Resin Band
Shock Resistant
Mineral Glass
Carbon Core Guard structure
200-meter water resistance
Electro-luminescent backlight
Flash alert
Flashes with buzzer that sounds for alarms, hourly time signals
1/100-second stopwatch
Measuring capacity: 00’00″00~59’59″99 (for the first 60 minutes)
1:00’00~23:59’59 (after 60 minutes)
Measuring unit: 1/100 second (for the first 60 minutes)
1 second (after 60 minutes)
Measuring modes: Elapsed time, split time, 1st-2nd place times
Countdown timer
Measuring unit: 1 second
Countdown range: 24 hours
Countdown start time setting range: 1 second to 24 hours (1-second increments, 1-minute increments and 1-hour increments)
Other: Auto-repeat
Multi-function alarm
Hourly time signal
Full auto-calendar (to year 2099)
12/24-hour format
Regular timekeeping: Hour, minute, second, pm, month, date, day
Accuracy: ±15 seconds per month
Approx. battery life: 2 years on CR2016

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Written by Sam

Photo by Toni

@strapcode team

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