Strapcode’s ‘Chaffle’ Waffle Rubber Strap

Whether you call it a rubber strap, watch strap, watch band, watch bracelet, they all mean the same thing which describes a watch accessory that straps a watch onto ones wrist. The critical function of a watch band is to enable a watch to be held onto one’s wrist, securely, so that the time can be discovered at a moment’s notice.

strapcode watch bands fkm06a-19a18pbu66_grp-seiko-sla017
FKM06A-22A20PBU66 on Seiko SLA017 & FKM06B-19A18PBU66 on Seiko 6105-8110

Chaffle Rubber watch strap was inspired and designed to pay tribute to Seiko’s iconic ZLM01 Waffle rubber watch band which was introduced with Seiko’s 6215-7000 diver back in 1967. Unlike the retro Waffle strap, the Chaffle straps are applied with additional advanced tooling that creates an enhanced pyramid profile, highly reflective, and visible Waffle shape. The new proportion of the grooves and patterns allow buckle holes to be located properly without breaking the Waffle like design.

strapcode watch bands fkm06a-22a20pbu66_seiko-captain-willard-spb153
FKM06A-19A18PBU66 on Seiko-Captain-Willard-SPB153

Using solid and high-density FKM rubber as the material, the Chaffle strap weighs approximately 35 grams, water-proof, and is made to stand harsh conditions, such as high temperature and chemicals. There is a unique retainer design to hold the watch band keeper in place without losing its flexibility. Chaffle rubber watch bands definitely are a new upgraded version of the retro Seiko Waffle strap.

strapcode watch bands fkm06b-22a20pbu66_omega-seamaster-chrono-44mm
FKM06B-21A18PBU66 on Omega Seamaster Chronograph 44mm

• FKM – Fluoroelastomer rubber as a material, very durable man-made rubber extremely flexible and comfort
• Strap thickened around the end piece to enable to support watch with a large watch case .
• New perforated back design to improve ventilation.
• Solid 316L stainless steel buckle with high-end polishing craftsmanship.
• Buckle holes not breaking the Waffles.
• Weight 35 grams 80mm shorter end & 130mm longer end (Navy & Black)
• Dust proof.
• Watch band keeper retainer.

strapcode watch bands fkm06a-19a18pbu66_seiko-sla017
FKM06A-22A20PBU66 & FKM06B-19A18PBU66 on Seiko SLA017

Chaffle straps are not only waterproof, it’s ideal for outdoor use from sunny skies to extreme weather conditions. FKM rubber watch bands are very popular with divers. Its only natural for us to use the best available material to offer our very own Chaffle rubber watch strap. The Chaffle FKM Rubber watch straps are available in navy blue and black, from 19mm to 22mm size. Hurry and place your order for one of the best rubber watch band alternatives that works well with any old vintage or modern dive watches.


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Written by Sam

Photo by Toni

@strapcode team

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