GOMA! Beads of Rice Watchband From Strapcode

SS221820BPS124 on Seiko Save The Ocean SRPF77 King Turtle & Seiko SRPE03 King Turtle

If you are looking to purchase an old vintage watch, what are some of the things you would look for? The originality of the dial? The condition of the watch case? Whether or not the serial numbers matches to the parts on the watch?

SS221820BPS123 on New Seiko 5 Sports SRPD71

Over the last couple of years, some watch collectors have turned their attention to the original steel bracelets that accompany the original watch. Back in the 40’s & 50’s, a bracelet was a significant additional expense when buying a watch, which explains why leather straps were so popular back in the day.

One of our latest production that we would like to share is the ‘Goma’ bracelet, a design that was inspired by the iconic Beads of Rice bracelet that was paired with the 1518 from Patek Philippe back in the early 40’s made by ‘Gay Frères’. The name basically speaks for itself, the bead of rice bracelet is exactly what it sounds like.

SS221820BPS124 on Seiko Save The Ocean SRPF77 King Turtle

You can picture a number of small links that are connected together into a bracelet, with each small link that resembles a bead. The Goma bracelet come in a seven row design, with wider beads, in a brush finish on each side of the bracelet that measure at 7.50mm in length and 4.50mm in width. The five smaller beads, with a polish finish in the middle are also 7.50mm in length, but with a smaller width at 2.0mm.

SS221820BPS123 on New Seiko 5 Sports SRPD75

Key features with the Goma bracelet that are worth mentioning are as follows:

  • Bendable (Soft to the skin)
  • The proper scale of the beads
  • perfect thickness ~ 3.3mm (not too thin or thick)
  • top graded polishing craftsmanship
SS221820BPS123 on New Seiko 5 Sports SRPD75, SS221820BPS124 on Seiko Save The Ocean SRPF77 King Turtle, SS221820BPS125 on Orient Kamasu AA0002L19

The Goma bracelet will be available in 22mm lug width size with a 4mm taper finish, custom fitted for the New Seiko 5 SRPD models, new SPR Turtle models, and last but not least, the Orient Kamasu. Hurry and visit our online shop to pick up your very own Goma bracelet.

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Written by Sam

Photo by Toni

@strapcode team

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Dan killeen says:

    You must make these in 20mm for the Willard and SPB143
    20mm with taper to 16/18mm please!

    1. jaystrapcode says:

      I’ll forward the suggestion over to our design team to consider for possible future releases.

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