New Seiko Prospex LAND Tortoise Watch Collection

20P16PBU63C1A114 on Seiko Land Tortoise SRPG17K1 & 20P16PBU63C1C083 on Seiko Land Tortoise SRPG18K1

When discussions that are related to Seiko’s Prospex line of watches, dive watches are perhaps the first thing that comes to mind. While going through Seiko’s collection of dive watches, there are countless iconic names and models that are easily named.

20B16PBU63R1C084 on Seiko Land Tortoise SRPG18K1

Among the watch models, the word “Turtle”, will definitely be on the mentioned list. Recently, Seiko introduced a new design to the Prospex “LAND” collection, nicknamed “Tortoise”, which has a similar shape to the iconic 6105 diving watch case, which was later nicknamed by Seiko fans as the “Turtle” because of its shell-like profile.

FKM06H-20A18PBU66 on Seiko Land Tortoise SRPG17K1 & FKM07C-20A18PBU63 on Seiko Land Tortoise SRPG18K1

Seeing as these new watches are under the Prospex “LAND” collection, it makes perfect sense to have them nicknamed as “Tortoise”, since they are exclusively land-dwelling when compare with other turtles. There are a total of four “Tortoise” models that were introduced, all with the same specifications, but are differentiate by colors.

NATOJT20021B on Seiko Land Tortoise SRPG18K1

Even though these Prospex “Tortoise” models are presented in a similar shell-like watch case, you can clearly see from the bezel, along with an aluminum insert shows a compass scale instead of a diving timescale you would normally see. The case measurements for the “Tortoise” models are slightly smaller the classic ‘Turtle’, that measures at 42.4mm in diameter, 11.7mm in height, and 45.2mm in length.

20P16PBU63C1C083 on Seiko Land Tortoise SRPG18K1 & 20P16PBU63C1A114 on Seiko Land Tortoise SRPG17K1

The collection comprises these 4 references:

SRPG13K1 – steel case, beige dial, beige/green bezel, green textile strap
SRPG15K1 – steel case, blue dial, blue/grey bezel, blue textile strap
SRPG17K1 – steel case, black “gilt” dial, black bezel, black leather strap
SRPG18K1 – gold-color steel case, brown dial, brown bezel, brown leather strap

20P16PBU63C1L009 on Seiko Land Tortoise SRPG17K1
Closed Case back on the Land Tortoise SRPG17K1

Turning the watch over, the case backs on these “Tortoise” watches are closed. However, the case back displays a “Ground to Air Emergency Signal Code” chart for reference. Luckily, these New Seiko Prospex Land “Tortoise” models are not limited edition and they are currently available at your local watch shops for €540 (SRPG13K1, SRPG15K1, SRPG17K1) €590 (SRPG18K1).

MB2018FYBBK045 on Seiko Land Tortoise SRPG17K1

Although these “Tortoise” watches are listed in the “Land” category, the water resistance is still 200 meters. All four of the “Tortoise” models operate on Seiko’s  entry-level movement, the caliber 4R35 – an automatic 3Hz engine with 23 jewels, stop-seconds and date.

Seiko Prospex Land Tortoise SRPF17K1

Watch specifications
Prospex “Land
SRPG13K1: beige. SRPG15K1: blue. SRPG17K1: black with gold-colored accents. SRPG18K1: brown with gold-colored accents.
Brushed and polished steel. Rotating bezel with aluminum insert and compass scale. Screw-down crown and screwed case back.
42.4mm diameter × 11.7mm height, 45.2mm length.
Sapphire Crystal
Screwed closed case back
Caliber 4R35
200 meter
Textile or leather strap with a steel pin buckle
Hours, minutes, seconds (hacking), date
€540 (SRPG13K1, SRPG15K1, SRPG17K1) €590 (SRPG18K1)

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Written by Sam

Photo by Toni

@strapcode team

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  1. Bennet says:

    Will any other stainless steel bracelets fit the tortoise?

    1. jaystrapcode says:

      Thanks for the inquiry, however we don’t have Curved end link match and tailor made for these watch at the moment, would you consider a straight end link bracelet instead?

  2. Dan says:

    Still waiting for a bracelet for this! A JUB would be perfect, but I’d take whatever you come up with!

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