Strapcode’s Tropic Pro Rubber Strap

Imagea credit : Bulang & Sons

TROPIC rubber watch straps was first introduced back in the sixties, and it quickly became a popular alternative to steel bracelets for dive watches. Tropic straps are easily recognized for its design, durability, and comfortability that made them a reliable alternative choice of strap for both leisure and professional divers.  

FKM05B-22A20PBU66 & FKM05B-22A20PBU66 on Orient Panda-Chrono-Grey

Tropic straps were essentially available in two types. The first and arguably the most popular was the ‘basket-weave’ finish with small perforations and two ‘spines’ on the outer edges. The second version was flat (with out spined edges) with a mock-leather print finish with large punched holes along the strap’s length. The punched holes are largest at the watch end and reduce towards the buckle inline with the narrowing of the strap. The straps could be finished with straight ends or curved ends to fit the contours of the watchcase.

FKM05I-22A20PBU66 on Orient-Kano-AA0008B19A & FKM05M-22A20PBU66 on Seiko-King-Turtle-SRPF77

Vintage dive watches are rare and popular now a days, you’ll find that watch collectors may sometime try to source the original TROPIC straps to complete their watches. Of course, to be able to find a vintage tropic strap to match your vintage diver watch would be great, but to source one that is wearable, at an affordable price, would be quite difficult due to its popularity and demand for them.

FKM05M-22A20PBU66 on Seiko-King-Turtle-SRPF77 & FKM05H-20A18PBU66 on Seiko Captain Willard SPB153J1

Because of this, we’ve decided to produce our very own tropic rubber strap, with minor upgrades. To ensure the quality and comfort of the strap, ‘FKM’, Fluoroelastomer rubber was the material used. Fluoroelastomer is a special type of fluorocarbon-based synthetic rubber that has superior resistance and performance in areas with high temperature.

FKM05I-22A20PBU66 on Seiko 300MM SLA019J1

This elastomer performs well in extremely corrosive and high-temperature environments. We’ve thickened the end piece on the Tropic Pro strap, so that it can support bigger and heavier watch models.

The design on the top side of the Tropic Pro strap was kept with a cross-hatched design pattern similar to the original Tropic strap. However, the bottom side of the strap was made with a perforated back design of a deep pyramid shape pattern to improve ventilation.

Tropic Pro Rubber Strap Collection

The pins and bucklesare made with Solid 316L stainless steel with high-end polishing craftsmanship. Last but not least, we added quick release spring bars to all of our FKM rubber strap collection, so that it makes it much more convenient for those who goes to the gym before or after work which allows them to swap their watch bands in seconds. The Topic Pro rubber straps are currently available in 20mm and 22mm lug width size, along with eight different color options which are black, blue, grey, orange, yellow, white, brown, and green, for only 49.99USD.

FKM05A-22A20PBU66 & FKM05J-22A20PBU66 on Orient Panda Chronograph

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Written by Sam

Photo by Toni

@strapcode team

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