Quick Release Hexad III & Super- JUB II Metal Watch Bands

Casio-Duro-200-MDV106 and Orient-Kano-AA0008B19A on SS221820B131S & Seiko Monster-SRP455 and Seiko-Monster-SRPD25 on SS201820B132S

The Hexad watch band have always been one of my favorite designs from Strapcode. The design is simple, yet, it really gives your watch an entire new look when installed. Each of the links are composed and made up of 3 Chamfer edge solid 316L stainless steel units that are now available in both curved and straight end pieces that are design to fit various Seiko models, as well as most 20mm & 22mm lug size watch models.

20mm Brush QR Hexad SS201820B132S on Seiko Monster SRPD25

Two of the latest designs we would like to share today are the Hexad III & Super-JUB II watchbands. With close resemblances to their predecessors, but with quick release spring bars added, less weight, and fine tuned.

Seiko-6105-8110 & Seiko-SLA017 on SS191620B130S Super-JUB II

The overall finish for the Hexad III & New Super-JUB II watch bands are slimmer, lighter, and generally more refined. The SS201620B130S, 20mm Super-JUB II Watch Band, 316L Stainless Steel Brushed V-Clasp, is a new version of our existing J Louis model watch band. The new watch band now tapers down to 16mm instead of 18mm, weighs only 69 grams (approximately) instead of 80 grams, and the thickness of 3.3mm instead of the previous 3.4mm.

Seiko Monster-SRP455 and Seiko-Monster-SRPD25 on SS201820B132S

In addition, both the Hexad III & Super-JUB II Q.R. steel metal watch bands feature an integrated quick-release spring bars for attachment to your timepiece. Unlike other designs, our quick release pins has two knobs; Its as easy and simply to slide knob with two fingers to install or uninstall the watch band.

Seiko Prospex Land Tortoise SRPG17K1 on SS201620B130S Super-JUB II

Furthermore, it also enhances the comfort-ability and flexibility of the watch bands. With the invention of the user friendly ‘quick release spring bar’, it has made everyone’s lives a whole lot easier, since you no longer have problems with changing a watch band. From going to the gym right from the office, you’re now able to swap out your leather strap into a sports rubber strap as quickly as tying your shoes.

Seiko Arnie SNJ025 on SS221820B131S 22mm QR Hexad

The Super-JUB II Q.R. straight end steel metal watch bands are available in 18mm, 19, and 20mm. As for the Hexad III QR Watch Band Straight End Quick Release watch bands are available in 20mm & 22mm. Now that the problem with changing a watchstrap has been solved, you can spend more time choosing all sorts available OEM watch bands for your watch.

Seiko Captain Willard SPB153 on SS201820B132S on 20mm QR Hexad

Be sure to check out Strapcode’s collections of quick release watchbands which are available in leather, canvas, rubber, nylon, paracord, and even stainless steel mush and watch bands.

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Written by Sam

Photo by Toni

@strapcode team

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