Casio Vintage A100WEPC X PAC-MAN

Casio Vintage A100WEPC X PAC-MAN Quartz Watch

Pacman was first launched back in 1980 by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment as one of the most recognizable video games ever made, and Casio recently announced a Pac-Man edition of their new re-issue of their F-100.  

Dual Color NATO Straps 18A18PZZ00N2P34 & NATO18-NYJB-BK on the Casio A100WEPC

Originally launched in 1978 as the brand’s first quartz watch with a full resin case, the Casio F-100 was also made famous as a version of the model was worn by Sigourney Weaver as she portrayed Ripley in 1979’s Alien.

G10 NATO 18A18DZZ00N2P56 on the classic PAC-MAN A100WEPC

The new A100WEPC watch is based on the recently released A100 watch, which was inspired from the design of the original F-100, including the unique four-button front layout. The styling and design of the watch is to provide a retro look of the Pacman game. The watch face features colorful pixelated Pacman and ghost characters, and the center Illuminator logo is displayed with the same Pac font.

Quick Release Superfine PVD Mesh Band MB1816FYBBK045 on PAC-MAN A100WEPC

The face design faithfully replicates the Pacman game screen, down to details like the pink line marking the exit of the ghost nest from which the ghosts emerge. The gold-plated watch case is inspired by the color of the Pacman arcade game cabinet.

Casio Vintage A100WEPC X PAC-MAN Quartz Watch

The top watch band is laser etched with a rendering of Pacman being chased by ghosts, and the reverse scene with Pacman chasing ghosts is rendered on the bottom band. The case back also features the Pacman logo and icons. Although the use of an inverted LCD display for the main dial diverts from the retro theme design, but the black layout matches perfectly with the black ion plated watchband. 

Quick Release Superfine GOLD Mesh Band MB1816FYPFG045 on PAC-MAN A100WEPC

By adding a LED backlight, it definitely helps with the inverted displays that show low legibility in various light conditions. The A100WEPC operates with an in-house quartz movement. It includes a 1/10 second chronograph, a daily alarm, an hourly time signal, a perpetual calendar, and an available 24 hour time format.

G10 NATO James Bond NATOUS-J03-18BK on the Casio PAC-MAN A100WEPC

Performance is solid for the price, with an accuracy of +30/-30 seconds per month and an expected battery life of up to 3 years. The Casio A100WEPC-1B Pacman was released back in August in Japan for ¥12,100 Yen, which works out to about $110USD . Even though you can’t actually play Pac-Man on the watch, its a relative bargain for enthusiastic Pac-Man fans.

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Written by Sam

Photo by Toni

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