The Odd & Awesome 19mm Lug Width Size

Quick Release Italian Leather Watch Bands Seiko-Hi-beat-SBEX007 19I16PBU63C1C082 & Seiko-SLA017 19H16PBU63C1T016

When it comes to OEM replacement watch bands, the common lug width size we find available are often either in 20mm & 22mm. Most OEM straps made available today are from the range of 18mm-24mm. However, you’ll less likely find lots of strap options for the odd sizes, such as 19mm, 21mm, and 23mm. Why is it so hard to find fitted bracelets in a such lug width size (refer to as odd size).

QR Tapered Leather Watch Band 19N16PBU63C1B038 on Seiko SLA-017 & FKM Black Chaffle Rubber Strap FKM06A-19A18PBU66 on Seiko Hi-beat-SBEX007

Well, you can look at it from various point of views. Looking at it from a watch company, odd size watches are made to individualize the product, to limit the choices of OEM straps options, and of course to protect the companies own accessories.

19mm Straight End Stainless Steel Watch Bands SS191620B130S on Seiko -6105-8110 & MB1917FYPFG048 on Ernest Borel Automatic Cocktail Watch

On the other hand, if you look at it from an OEM watch band seller like ourselves, it makes sense to design and manufacturer custom fitted watch bands for the more common, and popular watch models like the SKX007, New Seiko 5 Sports, SRT Turtle, and Samurai, to maximize profit, instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars on watch molds for lesser popular, uncommon lug width models.

Vintage FKM Chaffle Black Rubber Strap FKM06A-19A18PBU66 on Seiko Hi-beat-SBEX007

Back in the early 1900s, the common lug width size for a wrist watch was much smaller than it is today. You’ll find vintage wrist watches that has lug width as small as 12mm. Since then, watch sizes have increase, which also cause the lug width to increase as well.

Another QR Tapered Leather Strap 19N16PBU63C1B038 on Seiko SLA-017

As an alternative suggestion, if you are looking for odd lug size watch bands (non metal watch bands), you can also consider to look for watch bands one size bigger. With that in mind, as an OEM watch band manufacturer and retailer, we recognized the demand for straps with odd-size lug widths and are responding to it by increasing the selections in other designs, and styles of watch straps to offer our customers with.

19mm Straight End QR Super-JUB II Watch Band SS191620B130S on Seiko -6105-8110

Our 19mm watch bands selections are increasing slowly but surely, and many of our watch bands are now available in the odd lug width size. Be sure to visit our online store for quality watch bands in various sizes.

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Written by Sam

Photo by Toni

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