Canada’s Marathon Watch

Marathon Watch is perhaps one of the biggest watch brands in the world where many may not have heard of. The company that was to become Marathon Watch was founded in 1904 as “Weinstrum Watch”, which later changed to Wein Brothers. In 1939, Morris Wein founded the Marathon Watch, where it supplied precision timepieces all across the North America.

Night Owl ’86 Projection Marathon Clock with Large Display and Backlight – CL030086-BK-BL-NA

The brand became popular very quickly, and in just two years in 1941, Marathon Watches began manufacturing timing instruments for the Allied Forces “(British forces). Today, the fourth generation of the family continues the tradition with a wide range of instruments measuring time, temperature and distance.

24 Hour Compact Digital TimerTI080004-BK

Since then, other military forces from across the world like Israel and the US, have worn Marathon watches to the front. With more than 80 years of specialization in mechanical tool watches, Marathon keeps in mind the needs of military personnel while designing their watches. Especially for the US Armed Forces, Marathon watches complies with the US military standards to engineer tailor-made features. Despite the fact that Marathon Watch has been producing wristwatches for decades, reason watch enthusiasts don’t know much about the brand is mainly because that Marathon Watch has only been selling its products to the general public for about ten years or so. Popular Marathon Watches are classified in three collections: Dive, Navigation, and General Purpose. The price range for Marathon Watch are anywhere from 199.00USD – 4300.00USD.

Dive (SAR)

Marathon Dive Watches are available in three different sizes: 36mm, 41mm, and 46mm. Each size provides you with an option to pick either an automatic or quartz movement.  If you purchase directly from Marathon Watch’s official website, please note that you will not be allowed to choose models with government markings.

Marathon GSAR Swiss Made Military Issue Diver’s Automatic Watch with Tritium (41mm, US Government)WW194006SS-0201

However, if you order from Amazon, depending on which platform, you may be able to find a Marathon Watch model with specific government/country markings. One of the popular dive watch from Marathon would be the Marathon GSAR Swiss Made Military Issue Diver’s Automatic Watch with Tritium (41mm, US Goverment) WW194006. The Marathon Search & Rescue Diver’s Automatic is a dive watch built to ISO 6425 standards. The watch is specifically designed for use by Search and Rescue (SAR) divers and issued to the United States Marine Corps, the Diver’s Automatic is a watch built to withstand the most extreme conditions. The Diver’s Automatic is also known as the Government Search and Rescue (GSAR). Another popular model worth mentioning would be the Marathon Diver/Pilot’s Automatic Chronograph 46mm (CSAR).

Jumbo Diver/Pilot’s Automatic Chronograph (CSAR)WW194014SS-0105

The pilots who wear this watch for search and rescue missions from the air can also use it as a diver’s SAR watch.  The watch is equipped with a self-winding automatic 25 jewels, ETA 7750 movement, water-resistant up to 1000 feet. Secondly, the timepiece comes with a dual chronograph to record split-second speed and time readings. Built-in a 46 mm dial, the date, and date slot finds its place at 3 o’clock.  Like most other Marathon watch models, you can also choose between stainless steel watch band or rubber strap. 

Navigator (NAV)

Marathon navigator watches are offered in two designs, with the date and without a date slot. Each model are made available in three color options: black, desert tan, and sage green. The outer bezel of the watch and the strap made of nylon are made in the same matching color shade, giving the watch a more rugged military look. The Marathon Pilot’s Navigator with Date – 41mm WW194013 watch is one of the most popular model from the navigator collection.

Marathon’s Desert Tan Pilot’s Navigator with Date 41mmWW194013DT-0010

The Marathon Military Navigator Pilot’s Quartz is a highly accurate watch built to strict military specifications under MIL-PRF-46374G. The watch is specifically designed for pilots, parachutists, and law enforcement. The Military Navigator Pilot’s Quartz watch is made to withstand the many challenges that are faced in a professional or everyday situations.  The ETA FØ6 movement is accurate to -0.3/+0.5 seconds per day and also includes an End of Life (EOL) indicator that will advance the seconds hand once every 4 seconds to inform you that a battery change is needed. Replacement battery is a 371 cell.

General Purpose (GP)

The concept and design for Marathon’s General Purpose watch collection were inspired from one of their historic timepieces, GG-W-113, which was first introduced back in the 1980s.  Like other Marathon watch models, the general purpose collection has he options in a mechanical or quartz movement. With a simple black dial, this collection offers similar three shades as the Navigator collection – black, sage green, and desert tan. What makes Marathon GG-W-113 differs from other field watches, mainly because of the large, curved case with integrated bezel and crown guards, large square lugs, and fixed strap bars.

Marathon Re-Issue Stainless Steel GP Mechanical (GPM) 39mm (Case/Crown)WW194003SS-0010

The Marathon Re-Issue Stainless Steel GP Mechanical (GPM) 39mm (Case/Crown) watch is built with a case made from 316L surgical grade stainless steel, and wind-up ETA 2801 movement, the Marathon General Purpose Mechanical in Steel is a vintage inspired timepiece that is as good looking as it is durable. To assist in low light viewing, the dial of the watch uses tritium tubes for the hour indices as well as the hour and minute hands. In case you don’t know, Tritium is a self-illuminating gas that provide a 24/7 glow without the need for charging by an external light source.

Arctic Edition Medium Diver’s Automatic (MSAR Auto) 36mmWW194026SS-0506 & WW194026SS-0501

Overall, Marathon Watch is definitely a watch brand you can count on. There’s a reason why many military arm forces around the globe who are loyal to the brand and continue to wear Marathon watch since they have to go through strict certification, not only in Switzerland to get the Swiss-made seal, but also with US Armed Forces, ensures dependability for many years. For those looking for quality tool watch that can last for a very long time, be sure to checkout the Marathon Watch collection.


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  1. fred747 says:

    There’s a lack of straps for Marathon’s 16mm lug models. Anyone who caters for that will corner the market.

    1. jaystrapcode says:

      hello apologies but we don’t have specific band for Marathon, would you consider straight end links?

  2. Justin Parisien says:

    Strapcode should start making some solid end link bracelets for the Marathon JDD/ GSar line. Would be nice to have options on SS bracelets.

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