Hands-on The Seiko Thailand 30th Limited Edition SRPG55K1 Nung Talung

Seiko and its fans have always nurtured a special kind of relationship. One that’s steady and very often lifelong. Just like any other relationship in life that’s to last, everything builds upon two crucial fundamentals: profound mutual respect and love.

On one side, the fans are positive Seiko will deliver an originally designed, high-quality watch that will last them a lifetime. On the other, Seiko’s continually displays a keen interest in their fans’ culture specifics, mirroring them in successful and sought-after watch series.

Immersive oceanic blue dial of Seiko Monster, paired with
Blue Tapered Leather Watch Band + Zermatt

Seiko Thailand 30th Anniversary Limited Edition, and SRPG55K1 Nung Talung as a part of it, is another great example of this successful practice. Before going into the specifics of this intriguing model, let’s discuss the entire series first……..

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