The Long-Awaited Seiko SSC813P1 Speedtimer Solar Chronograph

All those among you who love history, and we know you’re not to be overlooked, are probably aware of how significant 1969 was to the events that changed the world for good. A short reminder for those who don’t: three of the most important events of that revolutionary year were the first Concorde flight, the Woodstock festival, and the first human landing on the moon.

SSC813 Seiko Prospex is ready to shine through Hexad III QR Watch Band

These scientific and cultural milestones have had an immense influence over the future developments of our society and a massive impact on the way the world looks today. Yet, at the same time, their significance has somewhat cornered other groundbreaking events that happened that year.

Seiko Seitona White SSC813P1 stylishly complemented by  Stainless Steel homage to Rollball

Like the other three watches from the Solar Chronograph re-edition bunch, SSC813 Seiko Prospex became available in November 2021. As a result, it features the same characteristics – that will be fully listed in one of the following paragraphs – as its other three siblings, SSC815, SSC817, and SSC819……

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