Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch is a Brilliant Move

The battery cover has a painting of the planet that each collection represents. Image credit:

Swatch watches have pulled one of the best publicity stunts as their latest release: Omega x Swatch Moonwatch collection is going wild. The Omega x Swatch Moonwatch is an exceptional business move from Swatch – one of the major players in Swiss watchmaking. As expected, wristwatch collectors and speculators have gone on a hunting frenzy, trying to lay their hands on the new collection.

This brilliant move by the Swatch group is one with a lot of hype that’ll take them back to when Swatch had all the hype on the market.

Omega x Swatch Mission to Uranus watch. Image credit:

Omega had to lend Swatch one of their iconic designs and let them produce it in a cheaper plastic format with different colors. The design is excellent and is pretty identical to the Omega Speedmaster, with the difference being the material. Instead of stainless steel, Swatch made use of bioceramic.

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